Classical Mandolin DVD

  1. matthew71
    Hi All

    Just wanted to give you the heads-up that finally someone has produced a DVD for those of us interested in playing classical mandolin. Homespun is releasing a new DVD with Caterina Lichtenberg that should be available by the end of March.

    I can finally lay to rest my old Gertrude Troister VHS tapes.
  2. aconnormartin
    This makes me so happy. Not enough attention is payed to this genre for mandolin!
  3. richieb
    Does anyone have the dvd? I am thinking of getting it and am looking for reviews.
  4. WayneLetang
  5. richieb
    I just downloaded this lesson to my computer a couple of days ago. Let me just say I can't recommend it highly enough, it great! Players of any style will benefit from this lesson. She gives a lot of little tips, such as holding the pick at an angle so as to hit both strings on the downstroke, but only one string of the pair on the upstroke, to give it that softer touch. Just little details like that make your playing so much more nuanced.

    The section on arpeggios alone is worth the price of admission. It gives you a couple of picking patterns that could be used on any tune, a folk song or whatever, that will make the chords sound rich, full and beautiful. I'm telling you, it's fantastic. Do yourself a favor, and get this lesson.

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