My 2003 Abnett Bouzouki

  1. bouzoukiboy
    Here is a brief description and sound sample of my 2003 Peter Abnett Bouzouki. I was drawn to this instrument because of the dished back which practically "shoots" the sound out of the sound hole. This certainly fixed my issue of not being a session. Also the "Jangly"(if that's a word) tone mixes wonderfully with the modal
    nature of a lot of Irish tunes. Some mistakes in my rendition of Lord Inchiquin..but I am too lazy to do take after take to try and improve it.. Slainte Dale

  2. bouzoukiboy
    Broken link to video...I'll try again shortly...Sorry Dale
  3. bouzoukiboy
  4. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    Well done Dale for putting up a video and giving us a rendition. I hope that more bouzouki players are encouraged to do the same. It will give others a taste of what they might expect from each instrument and what might be played on the Irish Bouzouki.

    I will be putting up another tune this coming weekend. I might start a balkan thread just for fun.


  5. Kyle Baker
    Kyle Baker
    Really nice playing Dale! Love the Abnett zouk... I always wanted one for no other reason than Donal Lunny played them. Beautiful instruments, and they sound as good as they look.
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