New to me #38

  1. John Adrihan
    John Adrihan
    Just walked out of Lloyds house with #38- I believe I am the second owner. This instrument has some mojo. I am stoked. I am spending the night at a local hotel. My neighbors are in for a treat tonight. I will post some pics when I get home.
  2. MikeyG
    Nice going, John! I used to own LaPlant mandolin #44 and I believe it was built in about 1990-1991 so your new acquisition is probably from the same era. You can consider yourself pretty darned lucky because Lloyd doesn't often get LaPlant instruments returned or traded-in.

    I purchased one of Lloyd's latest mandolins on January 14, 2012. It's an F-4 - number 164. At age 83 (or thereabouts) it's amazing that Lloyd's building skill is still improving. In my view, he's a genius. I own 4 of Lloyd's mandolins and one of Billy's. Everytime I visit the LaPlant's, I come away feeling like I'm a member of their family.
  3. Jake's Gig
    Jake's Gig
    My F5 138 is going strong. Glad to see Joe Walsh playing his.
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