Changes in the Collings MT2 since 2002?

  1. shiloh
    Hi everyone,
    I'm considering a 2002 MT2, blonde birdseye maple from Gryphon in Palo Alto (I live in San Diego and will not be able to play the mandolin prior to purchase).

    Is the MT2 from 10 years ago the same radius, and neck profile as they are now? I have played new Collings mandolins and know what they feel like, but is there a possibility that the necks were fatter (or skinnier) back then? The tailpiece is original Collings I am told but not the newest, cast design, so that is one change. The asking price is almost $2900 which sounds a bit high? It has a Fishman bridge pickup and, as mentioned, beautiful birdseye maple.

    Any comments are appreciated!

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