Carlos Aonzo, Boston, 26 May

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    Carlos Aonzo, classical and bluegrass mandolinist available for Boston-area house/civic concert or workshop Saturday, 26 May.

    My friends are aware of notloB Folk Concerts' not-for-profit presentations at the Loring-Greenough House in JP and Unity Somerville, but may not be aware of another facet of the series. We are sometimes given opportunities to present world-class musicians for whom, due to venue non-availability or other reasons, we need to see alternative venues.

    Such is the case with Carlo Aonzo. A Berklee professor has informed me Italy's most famous classical mandolinist will be in town Saturday, May 26. Carlo has a following in the bluegrass world because he's also a great player there - won the national mandolin championship in Winfield, Kansas in the 90s.

    If you have a large space in your home (30+) and would be interested in hosting a house concert / sorkshop, or are affiliated with with a civic group that might be presenting him, please contact me off-list.

    Carlo's website -

    Jeff Boudreau
    notloB Folk Concerts
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    "In this era of pop-driven acoustic music, notloB is keeping the folk tradition alive."
    ~ Jack Hardy
    May 23 ~ Jim Hurst @ Loring-Greenough House, JP
    The concert will be preceded by a one hour group lesson, contact Jim through his website for details.
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