Canadian online source for strings?

  1. GTG
    Hi folks,

    Where do you buy strings? I'm having trouble finding my favorites (J75's, also thinking of trying EXP75's) at the shops here in Calgary and would like to bulk order from somewhere, preferebly in Canada (to avoid duty, import fees and ridiculous shipping costs when importing from the US). Are there any good domestic online retailers for mando strings?
  2. Mike Bunting
    The Stringman is in London, Ontario and is an online store.
    Can't Mike McLeod at Acoustic Guitar in Calgary help you?
  3. GTG
    Thanks, Mike! I do like buying from Mike McL., but I saw him a couple weeks ago and he was fresh out of J75's, so I had to look elsewhere. I think I'll buy a fairly hefty batch, because I'm tired of being left high and dry when I only buy 1 or 2 sets.
  4. Mike Bunting
    Actually, I forgot about shop locally, Rod West at can supply you too. The website is not up to date but he has what you need, I get all my strings there. Tell him I sent you.
  5. BBarton
    Failing Mike McLeod or others locally, or the Stringman, Twelfth Fret in TO is usually pretty well stocked, but they don't have online catalogue -- hafta call.
  6. mandolirius
    I use Just Strings. Full product line, great service and a Cafe sponsor to boot.
  7. Brian Sharpe
    Brian Sharpe
    I know this is a year old thread but.. J74s & J75s are listed on Long & McQuade's website @ $6.40 per set.

    I'm new to mandolin but in the past (at the risk of sounding unpatriotic) have ordered most of my bass strings from but they don't ship Rotosounds to Canada anymore.
  8. epicentre
    "Strings and Beyond"..........not Canadian, but free delivery over $35.00. Excellent service. No duty hassles so far. NFI. But I am thinking of asking them to put me on
  9. jake-mando
    jake-mando is closing out! Has some great deals. 25-50% off.
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