Gibson Lefty!

  1. G7MOF
    I picked up my Gibson A4 Lefty today, I've been after a Gib/Lefty for ages now and recently found one in the UK for which I did a deal with a right handed one.
    He was playing it right handed, and I was playing my righty as a lefty so we are both happy with what we've got now.
    At the moment it's being set up to play as a lefty again and I'll post some pic's when I get it back. (I'm sooooo excited)..... I can't wait.
  2. G7MOF
    I can't post pictures for some reason, I have them filed on my laptop, can anyone help?
  3. frshwtrbob
    That's gotta be like findin' a needle in a haystack... and the guy was the mirror image to boot. What's the likelihood of that ever happening. You should buy a lottery ticket.
  4. G7MOF
    He saw me playing my A4 upside down and questioned me as to why, then he said he played his lefty A4 upside down and the deal started from there.
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