Copperhead Road

  1. Cajun
    i just learned how to play copperhead road . i love that song
  2. epicentre
    Just picked up a 1924-5 Martin from e.bay, relatively cheap (for a Martin). It had a huge split on the treble side, and a fret board almost completely ruined. Fixed the split, now doing a fretboard change. Lots of fun. All original too, so IF the board change goes well................................
  3. bmac
    It is so neat to find a gem on Ebay and bring it back to life. I have restored a number of low end and a few mid-level mandolins, banjo mandolins and banjos and hopefully have given them another lifetime as enjoyable instruments. I do this for all kinds of reasons, some for looks, some as players, and some just for their odd appearance.. I haven't been tried to sell any of them yet. My wife is getting irritated.
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