Getting Set Up

  1. Jim Daniels
    Jim Daniels
    Hi. My Godin is getting set up right now, and I was wondering if there is anything in particular I should watch for as I get used to it. I'm really excited to get it home and get going. I'm a newbie, and put more money into it than my bride would have liked, but...I have very few hobbies.

    Anyway, any thoughts on the Godin and what I should know?
  2. mandomiser
    I am gettting my Godin A8 Cognac Burst off Ebay for $500, See Oct 7, 2011 Auction. And Just joined the Godin Group. When it arrives I will share what I learn. Been playing guitar for 45 years and picked up the mandolin about 10 years ago when I realized everyone my age knew how to play the guitar and I needed a new "in"
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