Marshall Endorsement

  1. JFDilmando
    Thought that I would copy this into this group... I posted it elsewhere

    "With ref to SternArt's comment regarding actually playing one during stage performance... a close approximation of that is going on now in Academy of Bluegrass with Mike Marshall's mandolin studies.... Mike is using his Altman now in his videos that he is making within the confines of the site... This is pretty recent change from his Loar, but a quite note worthy.
    He also makes the comment that his is "promoting" Bob's mandolins, and has some remarks ref quality etc...

    One of the top guys.... connecting with one of the top builders..."
    Very cool that Mike M. has made the leap to actually "go on record" about Bob's work.
    He has been palying around with Bob's mandos now for some years, and this is the first time that I have heard that he has taken this rather big step regarding actually playing an Altman instead of his Loar...
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