classical mandolin quartet

  1. barone
    Looking to put together a nyc-based mandolin quartet to play string quartet transcriptions, arrangements of renaissance - modern.

    To complete quartet need:


    I play a Martin bowlback mandolin with flatwound strings, but would like to hear from any interested players in nyc area who are enthusiastic about getting a classical mandolin quartet together.
  2. aconnormartin
    I'm frm Dallas, so i can't help you there... But I will be in NYC next week so maybe by some chance encounter we will unknowingly run into each other! Haha. Best of luck on making your quartet. If you fail to make a local one, you could try making an online one via Skype or something like that. I always think those youtube videos of people from all around the country playing together are so fascinating! If you decide to take that path, then send me a message! Cheers!
  3. ylnos
    I am from Montreal, It would be nice if something could happen. It seems that mandolin players who have the same interests are far from each others.. Traveling to New york is not so far tho... I have a mandola here that i brought from Napoli (C-G-D-A) that i would love to play. If you can set something up contact me
    Good luck! Jonathan
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