Difference between "Flatiron" and "The Flatiron" on Headstock

  1. bephipps
    I have a 95 Flatiron F5 Performer. The headstock says Flatiron. The Label inside says it was made in Montana with no signature. Are the ones with "The Flatiron" on the headstock and signed more top of the line. Can someone give me a quick history of the levels of the Flatiron F5 models?
  2. Maggie Jones
    Maggie Jones
    I have a '82 Flatiron 2M-F "pancake" style mandolin made by Backporch productions. The headsstock reads "The Flatiron". It looks like a screened on lettering. It's not that heavy looking "Flatiron" out of pearl inlay.
  3. tsfisher
    I have a 1987 A 5 Artist. It has The Flatiron on the headstock
  4. Mandofanatic
    Mine is a '95 Montana Weber signed F5, chocolate brown. Research says it's the same as a top level F5 without the fancy paint job. Reads "The Flatiron" on the headstock.

    BTW.....cannon, I kid you knot.

    Richard Bailey
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