Woods, Hardware, Armrests, straps, etc.

  1. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Hi All:
    I thought I'd start this discussion so we could share info on the:
    * Woods used on our Morris Mandolins.
    * Hardware on our Mandos (tuners, tailpieces, pickguards, strap buttons, etc.)
    * Armrests used.
    * Straps used.

    I'll go first:

    My Morris A5: Sitka Spruce & Big leaf Maple, Sonny's stock hardware (Grover tuners & tailpiece), no 2nd strap button, no armrest (but I ordered a Cocobolo armrest for her from Sonny when I ordered my A4), & I use a flat braided Lakota Leathers strap that I just love! No pickguard...I don't see a need for one with a raised fingerboard.

    My New A4 (on the way!): Western Red Cedar & Big Leaf Maple, Sonny's stock hardware (but with white pearloid buttons on the tuners), second strap button installed & Cocobolo armrest...Not sure yet on a strap...But I'll likely order another Lakota Leathers strap (I really like them, and also like to support the cause).
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