Hector the Hero - Scottish Air

  1. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Hi all,
    Just a quick heads-up to say I have posted anew mp3 on my website music page of the above tune, recorded earlier today with my band colleague John Thomson and both of us playing JK octaves. the link to the page is: http://www.luthierjohn.co.uk/page7.html The tune is on the playlist about halfway down,and the player works in most browsers as far as I know, although John has said that he does not always get the tunes to play properly on his computer.

    Just keeping the group ticking over and trying to encourage postings from our fellow members!
  2. Mandobart
    Since you're encouraging it, here is my first attempt at this great tune on my Eastman mandocello:

  3. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Interesting version you have here. I like the rise in octave from 1:18, as it shows the range this instrument has. It is not only large, but sounds as though it has quite a deep body too. Much bigger physically than my own octave and a very different in tone.
    Nice job on the tune.
  4. Mandobart
    Thanks John. I had recently heard the melody so I picked this out by ear. Don't know how true to the original it is (probably not much at all). Also this instrument is a mandocello, so it does sound different from my OM's and is bigger. Bigger stretch even then my 12 string guitar.
  5. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Here is a version with our accordion player, midi cello and my octave mandolin. The guitar is a Lowden O32. Derek, the accordionist, visited his home area of Inverness in August and took the photos of the monument which is situated in the town of Dingwall.

  6. Mandobart
    John - Lovely video! Really enjoyed the tune as well as the views of the memorial. Thanks for posting!
  7. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Thanks for response, Mandobart. It is interesting how a tune opens up so many possibilities for delving into history and going off in all sorts of other ways. Looking forward to your next posting on one of your very interesting instruments. I have recently acquired a 1928 Vega tenor banjo and have just finished refurbishing it: total refret, new fibreskin head, buffed rust off all the j-hooks, etc. and now getting to know it as an instrument. It has a great sound.
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