Virzi on Flat top

  1. gemini1
    I am preparing to put a Virzi on a flat top I am making.
    It has cambered transverse bars, so that the sound board and back have some doming.
    This has an oval sound hole, so I am mounting the Virzi positioned like it is in an F4.
    I wanted to try installing a Virzi and hope it will sound good in my style of mandolin.

  2. Goodin
    Be sure to post some pics and sound clips! Can't wait to see/hear it!
  3. Rodney Riley
    Rodney Riley
    Any updates?
  4. gemini1
    I have finished my Virzi mandolin and here are two pictures and an audio file:

  5. gemini1
    Here is a smaller mp3 audio file of my virzi mando

    (1st mando from scratch)
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