Anyone Out There?

  1. stringduster
    Is this gonna be yet another Social Group I belong to that goes nowhere?
  2. vehenry
    Hello Stringduster, I'm here, what's up? Me, I've been playing my Smart mandolin this weekend.
  3. WJF
    I sure hope not but in the defense of those who belong here and aren't posting on a regular basis (and I'm probably the chief offender) I'll offer that the reason it's quiet here is that we're all too busy enjoying playing Lawrence's instrumnets. :-)
  4. stringduster
    My Florentine just continues to get better and better. I am planning to have Lawrence re-profile the neck to accommodate a bit of a problem with the pinky finger of my left hand. If I can afford this years Wintergrass we may do the hand off in person. It'll be my pleasure to meet Lawrence in person.
  5. WJF
    Not surprised at all to hear your Smart is opening up and improving beyond your most lofty expectations!

    This may sound like I'm making it up but I swear on the heads of my children that I have never played my Smart "F" out in public without having someone comment on how wonderful it sounds!! It's a pretty amazing little streak of compliments that the F has going for it and although I guess by now this phenomena shouldn't surprise, it still does ... and is always a delight!

    Hey Lawrence - if you're reading this, send me some more business cards for referrals - I'm getting low!
  6. stringduster
    Been a while since I posted. The new profile is fantastic! L and I met and shared some thoughts at WG 2010. What a great guy! Did anyone see the Smart black front A style that is or was for sale on the Brit site Acoustic Music? It's a good thing (or bad) that I'm broke or it'd be sitting in my home right now!
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