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  1. DummyMan

    Welcome to the group. I'm a hobbyist who loves the Octave Mandolin. Mine is a Celtic Star Dragonfly which I purchased on eBay from the manufacturer about 4 months ago.

    How about you?

  2. Steve-o
    Nice handle, DummyMan. Thanks for starting this social group. Hopefully, it will help us get to know other CBOM Cafers better. Or do you want to limit it to OMs?

    My OM is a Petersen Level 3 that I purchased last year. As of late, it has become my favorite instrument to play and I play celtic music and fiddle tunes on it. I also own a couple mandolins and came first from a guitar, then mandolin background.
  3. DummyMan
    I'm relatively new to the Cafe and don't know all the lingo yet. What is CBOM? I'm sure the OM is for Octave Mandolin, but I'm struggling with the CB.
  4. fingersbill
    I have been looking for an Octive Mandolin but haven't been able to find one. I have a small budget so any help in finding a reasonable well built one would be appreciated.

  5. Steve-o
    D-Man, I'm no expert, but I believe CBOM is an acronym for Citterns, Bouzoukis, and Octave Mandolins. On the Cafe, it usually means any long scale mandolin family instrument, so it would also include mandola and mandocello, for instance.

    fingersbill, Use the search function and check the CBOM forum for many discussions on entry level OMs. Most folks seem to think that the Trinity College OM to be a good entry level instrument. It is made from all solid woods and can be purchased around $550-$600 new. I've also seen them for sale in the Classifieds occassionally for $350-$450 used.
  6. DummyMan
    Welcome to the group fingersbill. I bought my OM on eBay from a company in Germany. You can check out their website at www.celtic-star.de . I paid $448, shipped from Germany to Tennessee. That was for the OM, hard case and shipping. I'm thrilled with it. You can check me out playing it on the Original Music Social Group.

    Steve-o, now that you mention it, I'll change the group to reflect a welcome attitude to Bouzoukis, Citterns, Mandolas, Mandocellos, etc.

  7. DummyMan
  8. fingersbill
    hey Dummyman, I purchased a OM from Germany and I am looking forward to receiving it. Thanks for the tip.

  9. John Holder
    John Holder
    Thumbs Up on your Take Me Home video and the nice sound of the Celtic Star.
  10. Susanne
    I actually joined the group before I had an OM because I wanted one and intended to buy one.... now I have one!!!!!! And I love it dearly already after not even 2 days with it. I'll share pictures and such. It's a Gypsy.
  11. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Suddenly, a burst of activity in this group. Great to see and Susi, I liked your latest offering on the Song-a-Week Group. The octave suits your playing style. I have been playing my octave quite a bit recently in the band and as a relief from the new tenor banjo, the scale of which takes more getting used to. My offering on the S-a-W group of Chief O'Neill's features my octave along with said banjo. Interesting adjusting the fingering to the more guitar-like finger per fret for the banjo but still alternating between covering 2 frets or just 1 on the octave - mine (a self-build) has a 540mm scale length.
  12. Tomm Truckenmueller
    Tomm Truckenmueller
    Another Newbie: Myself.

    But I guess, I soon might to have to leave again, since I will sell my ROZAWOOD RO-2 Custom Octave Mando. Grab it while you can, you won't regret it.

    A wonderful instrument, which won't get played in my home as much as it deserves. Sorry, ROM-2, my fault!
  13. Susanne
    That's too bad! What are you playing instead?
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