Hot pickers from Canada??

  1. GTG
    Hi folks,

    So was wondering who the hot Canadian mando pickers were these days.

    We've got
    John Reischmann (I think he's a Yank, but currently living near Vancouver so we'll take him!)
    Andrew Collins (Creaking Tree, Foggy Hogtown Boys)

    well, I've heard Craig Korth is really good on mando (Jerusalem Ridge, hosts some bluegrass radio shows), but I think he's mostly a banjo guy.

    Geez, there must be many others. Who do you like to listen to who lives north of the border? Help me find some local talents.
  2. Mike Bunting
    Emory Lester is a Canuck as is Ray Legere from New Brunswick, world class.
  3. asinger
    I'll also throw in Eric Stein from the klez/eastern european group "Beyond the Pale" - he knows lots and is a good musician.
  4. P Josey
    P Josey
    Jeff Nauss from Bridgewater NS is an excellent mandolin picker. Jimmy Manual from St Margarets Bay NS is another great picker. Both these guys are very talented multi instrumentalists. Ron Savoie, from the Canada Grass Unit, is a very talented New Brunswick mandolin player as is Richard Bourque from New Brunswick. New Brunswick seems to be a breeding ground for exceptionally talented bluegrass pickers.
  5. Bluman
    Bob Hamilton from Hungry Hill Band. He is really north of 49 so much that he is north of 60
  6. Rick Schmidlin
    Rick Schmidlin
    Here I am in Vancouver picking and a grinning.
  7. newbreedbrian
    Nice to see Ron Savoie mentioned. And also Ray Legere, man what can you say. If you've seen him words aren't necessary. So highly underrated it's a sin. My absolute favorite Maritime musician, and we have no shortage of talent in this part of the country.
  8. BBarton
    Although not in the bluegrass vein, Brian Taheny from Toronto is a top-notch Irish/Celtic style mandolin player and all-round versatile musician (tenor banjo, guitar, fiddle). He and Andrew Collins have the CD, Mandolore. Other mando pickers are Dan Whiteley and J.P. Cormier.
  9. Aaron Woods
    Aaron Woods
    The Maritimes are spoiled:



    Both of these cats are orbiting the earth - talent wise. Last JP I was at I laugh and cried, then he pulled out the mandolin and I looked for something to throw. He is JUST THAT GOOD!.

    How about John Reischman, he may be a transplant but he is live and works (among other places) here. JR is a consummate musician, everything he plays is polished and fine... even if he is out and out improvising. Soo good.

    Plus JR plays mandola, and that is cool.
  10. Mike Bunting
    Yes, I think John R. should be an honorary Canuck. I guess he is by marriage now that I think of it.
  11. Norm Buck
    Norm Buck
    what about Joey Wright? Is he under the radar? he plays with Sarah Harmer and has at least two solo albums out...
  12. jasona
    Is that the same Bob Hamilton who played with the Undertaking Daddies?

    Have to give a shout out to Marc Roy. Whereas he is mostly a guitar picker, he can make a mando sing too.
  13. Mike Bunting
    The same Bob Hamilton indeed. He is the proprietor of Old Crow Recording Studios in Whitehorse. In addition to Hungry Hill, he also has a very good oldtime band with his son and daughter and Anne Louise Genest.
  14. G'DAE
    Agreed, Mike. The old time string band is called: Done Gone String Band. Excellent indeed.
  15. Bruce Clausen
    Bruce Clausen
    Done Gone were just over in China for a gig or two in November. Took one of our favourite Vancouver bass players with them. Another great Canadian player that should be on the list here is James Whittall from Victoria. I heard him with Tammy Fassaert's three-piece band Shearwater a while back-- terrific playing. That lad has his own way of making old material sound new or vice-versa.
  16. Mike Bunting
    Is Bob ever home? He was just in Ireland (I think) with Hungry Hill.
  17. rico mando
    oops wrong post . i was looking for hot pickles
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