prelude and fugue in c major

  1. sbarnes
    i just recorded bach's prelude and fugue in c major for fun.....i'm not that hot a mandolin player and not even that good on guitar but i did it w/2 mandolins, guitar, and can hear some chair squeaks and extraneous noises but it was fun to do......check it out here:
  2. Ken_P
    Very nice! It must be fun building up the counterpoint track by track. Sounds great.
  3. Mando Smash
    Mando Smash
    Sounds great!
  4. Tacomando
    Awesome! Great fun! Thanks for the post and the inspiration.
  5. dmac
    Very nice work! That's quite enjoyable to listen to - the voicings are nicely styled and arranged. Thanks for sharing that.

    What a lot of work - how long did it take you to learn all the parts?
  6. dj coffey
    dj coffey
    Very clean and sensitive rendition! I liked it.
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