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  1. kranny
    Morning, I'm a bluegrass, gospel, country etc player. I'm not very chatty but would like to join discussion occasionally. I love to sing and play but not playing much right now. Got to go now but will return.
  2. Fred Keller
    Fred Keller
    Hey kranny:

    It's a bit slow in Mandosota--must be the cold. Where do you live? Go to jams at all, maybe coming to Winter Weekend in Plymouth? Maybe some intros from everybody are just what we need to get things thawed out around here.

    I live up in Sandstone and that's roughly 50-80 miles away from regular jamming depending on whether I head up to Duluth or down to the Cities. I'm working slowly on getting something started around my area but there just don't seem to be many pickers hereabouts.

    I play with The Whistlepigs ( but have been working this winter on some smaller projects, including building repertoire for a solo mando act. It terrifies me but I need the work or I'll have sell gear and go get a real job.

    So what about you all?
  3. kranny
    Hi Fred, I live in mpls and play with some bluegrass and country people. Coffee house gigs and small jams. I play in a trio called Gallery Trio and have played on public acess channel and opened for the Liquor Pigs at the Capri Theater. I'm planning to go to Winter weekend and see old friends and play a little. Looking forward to the Chapmans too. Later
  4. Fred Keller
    Fred Keller
    Sounds like you've had some fun with the mandolin. Anywhere on the web where we can hear you pick? I'll be teaching Grass Seeds at Winter Weekend but I'll probably be out jamming in the evenings. It'd be great to meet you.
  5. kranny
    Hey Fred, nothing on the web with this band, most of my work is on the guitar. We all play different instruments so it gets spread around. On Northwest cable acess we did an hour for country jubilee. It's basically country but all is allowed. Mbotma is a sponsor and that show loops with the other shows so I don't know when the next one is. See you later.
  6. Joe F
    Joe F
    Hi, kranny. I live in the metro area (West St. Paul) and play mostly old-time. I go to three old-time jams every week -- I feel fortunate to live in an area with such a large and active old-time community.

    I'll be at the Winter Weekend, and my band, "Temporary Stringband" is playing there Saturday evening in the Dance Parlour. I hope we can meet up and jam a bit (you too, Fred).
  7. kranny
    Hi Joe, thanks for the post, I'm looking forward to Winter weekend and seeing old friends. You're playin a bunch with 3 jams and a band sounds great. I'm linited on old time but would be fun to hear your group. I'm going to Memphis Fri am so will be out of touch for a few days but will touch base when I get back.
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