1. GTG
    Well, Scott's workshop map may have left a few out, but the one Canadian mando camp that appears is the BC Bluegrass Workshop in Sorrento (which is held right after the BC Swing Workshop); both are in August/September.

    I'm excited about being registered for this years bluegrass workshop, week 1. Anyone else planning on attending? It would be a good chance to meet other cafe members in the flesh.

    For those still interested, as I understand, there's still room in some of the mando seminars, particularly in the Bluegrass week 2.
  2. Mike Bunting
    I was there twice a few years ago. You'll have a great time there. Who's doing the mando classes this year?
  3. GTG
    The bluegrass camp lineup is the following for mando:

    Week 1:
    Advanced - Radim Zenkl
    Intermediate 1 - Tom Rozum
    Intermediate 2 (Trad/old-time) - Caleb Klauder
    Beginner - Bob Hamilton

    Week 2:
    Advanced - James Whittall
    Intermediate 1 - David Keenan
    Intermediate 2 - Mark Miracle
    Beginner - TBA

    I haven't heard of all of them, but from what I know, it looks like a great lineup!
  4. Mike Bunting
    I was in Radim's class the first year I was there, and John Moore's class the second year.
  5. Bluman
    I have been twice as wel. Tom Rozum great guy that really can play shoud be a great teacher, James Whitall plays the mandolin very well and is a great teacher. David Keenan is a blast I think he can play any instrument he wants. First year he decided to play the violin left handed for added challenge. Have a great time and remember a week goes by so very fast
  6. G'DAE
    I'd like to hear about all the knowledge absorbed at Sorrento. This thread needs a bump, due to the no news of the after the "after camp". I was looking forward to your experiences.
    I Spent an hour in a tent with Bob Hamilton at Shady Grove this summer. It was great. If it wasn't sooooo cold, I could've spent another hour there easily. I think Bob would've stayed, as he was totally prepared. ( probably long john's and all, since he's from Whitehorse ). Can't believe, mid August and under double digit weather.
  7. Mike Bunting
    " Can't believe, mid August and under double digit weather." and in Edmonton today, 33 degrees C!
  8. Bluman
    2010 Sorrento? Doesn't appear to be any updates on the website and usually reg'd is underway by now. Has this been cancelled?
  9. Bruce Clausen
    Bruce Clausen
    I see Jay every couple of weeks and haven't heard it's off. I think maybe there are still a few eyes to dot and teas to cross, then they'll announce. I'm hoping to be there for the first week.
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