a couple of jigs -

  1. chrisblack
    Here's a couple of jigs that I've posted up on youtube

    Con Curtins big balloon and the Coolea Jig.


  2. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    Great stuff, Chris - they're two favourites of mine!
  3. mikeyes
    Great stuff, Chris. Here is an interview I did with Angelina Carberry in which she plays Con Curtin's in Dm (she said it sounded better on the banjo. she really never needs an excuse to change the key.) I'm sure Jill has heard her play it this way <G>Mike
  4. chrisblack
    Thanks Mike

    You've some good footage of her right hand there... I'll have to give it a go in Dm

    I can't tell from the footage, is she an advocate of DUD DUD?

  5. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    I can chime in here - yes, Angelina is a DUD DUD advocate, that's how she taught me to play jigs.
  6. Jock
    Good playing Chris and a nice variety of ornamentation.

    DUD DUD gives a strong beat on the beat and fair gets things pulsing along, easier said than done though.

    Is that a goldtone banjo you've got there?
  7. chrisblack
    Hi Jock


    I spent about a month on DUD and got it going well, but have slipped back into my old ways recently... i'll have to get back into it.

    The banjo was a 1926 PB3, but it's now got a 1927 TB4 neck on it.

  8. Jock
    That explains it Chris, it was one of the neck inlays that got me thinking it was a goldtone.

    Yes the DUD DUD is tricky to get into. What I find is, if I learn a jig DUD DUD then thats it ingrained forever more but I've a fair few learned prior to my DUD DUD efforts and they tend to be DUD UDU DUD UDU. There's merits to both if you can muster a strong up beat.

    It's the same regarding the left hand for me as my early tunes tend to be a hybrid of finger a fret & fiddle fingering, where as now it's all fiddle fingering except for those early tunes which I still fret as I learned them. Thats what comes from starting on a 19 fret and settling on a 17.
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