Anyone going to the O'Carolan Workshop with Scott Tichenor

  1. willh
    Anyone from the Kansas City area going to the workshop with Scott Tichenor in Lawrence starting 1-21-10?

  2. T Little
    T Little
    I'm planning on doing the second section of this. I did the first part when Scott did it the first time. It's all really accessible music, very pretty, and fun to play. You'll love it.
    Tim (one of the other mando players at the Old Time Jam last Saturday)
  3. Scott Tichenor
    Scott Tichenor
    Tim, I'm rearranging most of the tunes again, and not necessarily covering the same ones. Still, I think you're advanced along enough you wouldn't have any trouble. I'm afraid I'm a constant meddler of this music. I keep coming back to it and hearing different things over the years. That's part of the appeal of it. Oh, and for us old geezers, I'm using a much improved font for those with bifocals
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