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  1. uno
    Hi all,

    Hoping to tap into some collective knowledge and experience via the board here. I need to have a fret dressing and basic set-up done on my mando and was hoping you could share your experiences with Seattle based luthiers/shops. Looking for something in Seattle as I live in North Bend and am in the city M-F for work.

    I had my banjo set up at the Folkstore in Ravenna (great experience) and have had a guitar worked on at Dusty Strings (so-so experience). So far I'm leaning toward the Folkstore, but I wanted to gather info on other options before dropping my baby off for some adjustment.

    Thanks for checking the thread!

  2. uno
    Got it sorted. Thanks for those who PM'd feedback.

  3. Tacomando
    Hi Uno

    I'm interested in what you learned. I'm always unsure what to do re: mando repairs, not being confident that guitar guys are all that dialed in to the mando. By the way, my experience with repairs at Dusty Strings has always been good - or they made it good in my one bad experience.

  4. banjoboy
    What about Dale Wagner or Gail Hester?
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