John Reishman & the Jaybirds

  1. Bluman
    Heard these folks in Ft MacLeod last night. What a great concert and the acoustic in Alberta's oldest theatre was just right for this group. John played North Shore, which in my opinion showcases alot of his skill in one tune, tone, timing and emotion. What a previlige to hear that tune played in person. Simply said a great band because of the blend of talent.

    If you haven't had a chance to hear these folks in person put one of their concerts on your bucket list.
  2. Mike Bunting
    I'll bet they were great. They are usually in Edmonton once or twice a year and I usually catch the show. Unfortunately I had to miss them when they were here in mid-October. I think that Jim Nunnally is one of the best bluegrass guitarists anywhere.
  3. mandolirius
    Jaybirds usually hit Vancouver about once a year and tomorrow is the night. A band I never get tired of going to see. A new venue for bluegrass too...Cordova Bay United Church. I hear the acoustics are great, so that'll be a bonus.
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