Welcome to the Puget Sound Pickers group!

  1. mandopete
    Seems like there are lots of groups by region, so of course we need to have one for the Puget Sound.

    Me? I live in the bluegrass hills of Snohomish.
  2. mandopete
    This might be a good place to post jams too. I know that we already have a thread area for this so it may be duplication, but what the hey.
  3. mandopete
    I know there's more than 3 of us - come on in, the water is freezing (what else would one expect in the Puget Sound!)
  4. mandopete
    8 members...8 strings...just a coincidence?

    I think not!
  5. mrmando
    I hope so ... otherwise, if someone else joins I'll have to find another instrument to play.
  6. mbrev
    OK, count me in. - Mark
  7. uno
    Representing North Bend here. A bit further out, but still try to get around to a jam now and then. Anyone headed to Maltby this wknd? Haven't been to one of their jams yet and was curious.

  8. banjoboy
    Howdy from Tacoma. You'se guys make sure that you make it to the Shelton festival in May. Alan Bibey will be there, and there will be a mandolin tasteing.
  9. mandopete
    Hey Banjoboy - were going to be playing at the Bluegrass From The Forest festival. Stop by and introduce yourself. I'll be the guy trying to steal all of Bibey's licks
  10. banjoboy

    It's me, banjoboy, also known as "Antiscruggs" on the NW List.....
  11. Carolyn Hastings
    Carolyn Hastings
    Greetings from greater Federal Way/Auburn!
  12. mandopete
    Banjoboy, whatcha doing over here on the Mandolin Cafe?
  13. banjoboy
    I started learning mandolin back in November. It's a hoot.
  14. makominek
    Hi all. I'm in north Seattle, and I'm always up for meeting new people to play with. Of course, I have no time for such things, but we can't let that stand in the way, right?
  15. Gail Hester
    Gail Hester
    Are builders welcome or do I need to have my husband reply.
  16. tango_grass
    I think I'm all for our wonderful local builders! Besides if one must pick, don;t you have to 'pick' out materials??
  17. mandopete
    Gail - you are more than welcome!

    Are you going to be at Darrington this year? I would love to hear one of those beautiful mandolins!
  18. banjoboy
    I don't think that Gail should be allowed to join....she doesn't play and she's a girl, and they have no place in bluegrass.
  19. mandopete
    You gonna take that Gail? (especially comming from a banjo picker).

  20. Gail Hester
    Gail Hester
    No I'm not going to take that at all... ...and just who let banjoboy in, you all know he's a banjo player right?

    Seriously, I wouldn't feel welcome unless Kent was giving me a hard time.
  21. banjoboy
    Hey, no using real names here....Now I can't let you in on my deepest, darkest thoughts...I'll have to keep it light and breezy....
  22. Gail Hester
    Gail Hester
    Don't you want your little banjo friends to know you're hanging out with mandolin people.

    Your deepest, darkest thoughts......YIKES!!!!
  23. tango_grass
    uh oh, the cover of the banjo player has been blown. and its not me for once!!
  24. mandopete
    Quote: Don't you want your little banjo friends to know you're hanging out with mandolin people.

    Gail, you're assuming he has friends.

    Banjoboy?....Antiscruggs?...we all know the truth dude!

    Now if you decide to take up the clarinet or cowbell you let us know.
  25. banjoboy
    Hey, if I was Gail, I'd be careful about making remarks about "little" anything! And yes, bluegrass could use more cowbell....
  26. Gail Hester
    Gail Hester
    Just think of the resources we could save if everybody was a foot shorter.

    Thanks for the help Pete. I do have to admit to playing clarinet way back in school but I didn't have enough wind, come to think of it banjoboy would probably be pretty good at it.
  27. mandopete
    So I heard rumors of a mando-tasting down in Shelton at Bluegrass From The Forest, anyone know about that.....Bueller, anyone?
  28. banjoboy
    Yeah, Nolen suggested it because he attend one that John Reischman did at Wintergrass one year. Alan Bibey is gonna do it. Not sure exactly how it will be run, but he'll probably play the same tune on a bunch of different mandolins. I think he should be blindfolded so he doesn't know what he's playing, and he should have his back to the audience so they can's see what he's playing.....
  29. mandopete
    I think his ears will need to plugged so he cant hear as well.

  30. Nolan
    Pete... are you going to bring your Collings?
  31. mandopete
    I never leave home without it.

    See you Saturday dude!
  32. Nolan
    Sounds good, thanks Pete.
  33. tango_grass
    Pete means he never leaves home without MY Collings....
  34. mandopete
    Yours is too beat up Chris!

  35. tango_grass
    Dang, I knew those war marks would come back to haunt me!!
  36. Jim Nollman
    Jim Nollman
    new member here from San Juan Island. Don't get off enough to jam with anyone, but we do have 3 or 4 worthy players on the island. Plus Spruce is on Orcas. Give a listen to his Radio Free Olga broadcasts to hear a few very different takes on mandolin-based music.
  37. tango_grass
    The groups might be tailing off in popularity...put the Puget Sound Pickers are still going strong!
  38. Nolan
    Yeah, I was wondering where everybody went?????
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