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  1. MnRoss
    I just poated a pic of my 2 1956 electric mandos. A Fender Ser. no. 271 and a Gibson E-200.. Play them thru a 61 fender champ tweed. Sound great.
  2. F-2 Dave
    F-2 Dave
    OK, First of all let me stop drooling over your Fender long enough to say that your Gibson is super sweet as well. You should post some sound clips of them being played through your Champ. I don't have any earthly idea how to do that. That's a great pair of emandos.
  3. MnRoss
    Thanks, I'd love to do that and probably will sometime. They both sound different for sure, the Gibson being an 8 string and glued on neck has more sustain yet I play the fender much more thru an amp. Just love the sound, it cuts thru so nice like a Tele played up the neck sort of sound. Got the Gibson as a gift from my brother in law a few years ago have owner the Fender for over 20 years.
  4. Eddie Sheehy
    There's a post on posting MP3's to social groups on the mainboard under Miscellaneous...

    My pic is a Jerman Les Paul, Epi Mandobird, and a Fender FM62SCE
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