strap buttons

  1. F-2 Dave
    F-2 Dave
    Strap buttons. I installed one in my MT. I know that some of you don't use them. That's ok by me. I was just wondering how many of you MT owners use a strap button and how many use some other method of strapping your axe.

    David Barham
  2. Jeremy Frank
    Jeremy Frank
    I thought about it for my MT, but I'm pretty happy with attaching the strap just above the nut. That being said, I am interested in seeing a photo of yours - are you happy with the placement?
  3. F-2 Dave
    F-2 Dave
    yes. It works well for me. It's a smaller type of black finished strap button located on the treble side of the neck heel. If you go about 1" down from the surface of the fingerboard and 1/2 to 5/8" out from the body of the mandolin, thats where I put mine. Yeah a photo would be easier. I'll try to get one up.

  4. Douglas McMullin
    Douglas McMullin
    On my MT I do the basic piece of leather strap around the top of the body, under the fretboard extension. It doesn't leave any marks and it allows be to attach a strap at what seems to be a very good balance point.
  5. DougC
    I have the strap up at the nut too on my MT but I want it on the heel. Up at the nut the strap sometimes feels loose and I end up playing at an odd angle. I'm not a big guy so that may be a reason to have a more snug fit. My strap is a flat braid and it often twists when I put it in the case. Not sure the neck placement will help that but I am interested in getting a button for the neck. Do they come in different sizes?
  6. Douglas McMullin
    Douglas McMullin
    DougC, have you tried tying it to the body? You might consider giving that a try before adding a button.
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