Week #60 ~ Staten Island Hornpipe

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    The sky is getting dark, and am going to turn off my computer, so I thought I'd post this before whatever happens, happens!

    This week's winner is Staten Island Hornpipe. This is a tune that can be played 'hornpipe-y'.... or not!

    Here is a link to the TAB by Michael.

    Here's the ABC from www.thesession.org

    X: 1
    T: Staten Island
    M: 4/4
    L: 1/8
    R: hornpipe
    K: Dmaj
    |:A2|FDFG A2A2|dfed dcBA|B2GB A2FA|G2E2 E2AG|
    FDFG A2A2|dfed dcBA|d2d2 efge|f2d2 d2:|
    |:fg|a2fa g2eg|f2df ecBA|=c2c2 efge|=c2c2 efge|
    a2fa g2eg|f2df ecBA|d2d2 efge|f2d2 d2:||
  2. mculliton123
    ThanX Barbara, I'm off on Vacation, see you next week (unless i find a wi-fi source in rural wisconsin LOL)

  3. Susanne
    Nice tune, I've already checked it up since it was on the top already a few days ago
  4. Tom Tax
    Tom Tax
    I posted a version of Staten Island Hornpipe a long time ago. Rather than link the thread I'll repost it here. I should have repeated the first part on the initial run through, but failed to do so.
  5. mculliton123
    Nice clean picking, Tom, like it!
  6. Marcelyn
    Very nice, Tom. So, is the chord immulating the fog horn of a ferry boat pulling into Staten Island? That's the immage that popped into my mind.
  7. Tom Tax
    Tom Tax
    Thanks. I was reading up on this tune and learned that Staten Island is off the coast of Argentina. "Part of the sprawling Tierra del Fuego archipelago, Isla de los Estados, as the island is known in Argentina, lies less than 100 miles from the entrance to the Beagle Channel, a waterway that links the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and serves as an alternate route for sailors wishing to avoid Cape Hornís rougher seas." Perhaps it was written to celebrate a safe crossing from one ocean to the other. Anyway, it's a nice tune and played a lot in Old Time jams.
  8. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    Really nice Tom and some interesting runs compared to the standard. Mine is the standard, apprehensive, probably because England expects........

  9. OldSausage
    Good job, fellas. These guys obviously hadn't heard the story Tom told us.
  10. OldSausage
    Well this is a jolly tune. If you watch carefully, you can see me reading the tab off the screen, although I did change it around a little from the version on Mandozine:

  11. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Nice picking, Tom, Tosh, and OS.
    You guys are cruising along at amazing speed. I often think that I have a tune up to reasonable speed, then I clock you guys and realize that mine is still a snail's pace.

    I had never heard this tune before.
    What do you guys think is the more common way of playing this tune: hornpipe (bouncy) or reel?
  12. Marcelyn
    I might be wrong, but I'll bet it depends on where you're playing it. The reel version sounds more old time to me, so maybe it's more common in that type jam. The bouncy hornpipe might be more common in a Celtic session. I like crossover tunes. They're a two for one deal.
  13. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    From the sessions I have witnessed over here, it is generally 'reeled' rather than played as a hornpipe. I'm going to the White Lion in St Albans on Weds to try out the Zoom recording a session, so I'll ask them to play it.....
  14. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    I tend to play anything that says hornpipe in the title, as a hornpipe... but I love hornpipes! I'd say, whatever tickles your fancy!
  15. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Monkeyhead is vacationing.... but I'm sure when he gets back, he'll give us a Kazoo-y thrill! Great playing on your mandonator (or whatever you call that THANG!)
  16. Eddie Sheehy
    Strange that your Parole doesn't prohibit you playing THAT THANG! Nicely done all the same...
  17. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Great job on the THANG (BarbSpeak ), David.

    Just my Eastman and my metronome:

  18. Tom Tax
    Tom Tax
    Nicely done, Manfred.
  19. Marcelyn
    Everyone sounds great as usual. Some, even better than usual, thanks to the Zoom Q3. Here's mine, still on an outdated--or should I say vintage--flip camera. Enjoy the garble and buzz.

  20. Tavy
    Real nice playing everyone - I'm still amazed at how quickly you guys get this down!

    A couple of words of caution though - there are some pitfalls for the unwary in this tune - both of which I've fallen into while trying to learn this one!

    1) There's a mistake in the tef file posted - it has a C natural followed by a C# in measures 11 and 12, but it should be two C naturals (you get the same problem if you import the abc into an older version of Tabledit, the most recent edition gets it correct). Those of you clever enough to read the dots have no such problems of course!
    2) There's quite a bit of fairly heated discussion about the abc for this tune posted on thesession.org, it's well worth reading just in case you ever find yourself in an ITM session.

    Anyway I'll shut up now and get back to trying to learn the darn thing....

    Cheers, John.
  21. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Great musicianship, as always, Marcelyn.

    John (Tavy), I noticed the discrepancies, but I liked the C# better than the other version, so I played it.
  22. Marcelyn
    Thanks Manfred. I enjoyd yours too. So much so, that I guess I subconsciously tried to incorporate my own metronome, although the foot tapping seems to have gone by the wayside after a measure or two.
  23. Rob Gerety
    Rob Gerety
    Nice little tune. Marcelyn, is that a new to you A3?
  24. Marcelyn
    It is! I stopped at several stores in Nashville on my way to visit family in Michigan. From the questions I bugged you with earlier, you know I wasn't really considering Gibson at all, but what do you know? This one just grabbed me. I think it was the resonating bass and the sustain that spoke to me most. So, now we match, right?
  25. Tavy
    "John (Tavy), I noticed the discrepancies, but I liked the C# better than the other version, so I played it. "

    Sounds fair enough to me

    Just be aware that'll confuse the heck out of anyone trying to play along - which is the only reason I noticed it!

  26. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    Great Marcelyn, love the slides and the fiddle style of your version......
  27. Kyle Baker
    Kyle Baker
    This tune is far to bouncy to be played as a reel... not to mention, the name says it all!
    Here's my latest crack at it. Sorry I took so long to get to it :p

  28. CelticDude
    Here I am, playing catch-up:

    Played on my trusty, and mostly in-tune, Collings MT. This is one of my favorite tunes in this genre (non-Celtic), and a good one at contra dances. Again, my shirt is smiling, even if I'm not...
  29. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Great renditions, both of you~ Kyle, always great to hear your droney bouzouki~ I agree, I love this played really hornpipey!
    Dana, that's so pretty on that Collins... and the camera angle is perfect, for people to see what great left hand form is all about~ Hey, I looked at it again, and don't want to leave out your great right hand technique, as well! If that's a smiley shirt, it looks like it's up to a little something devilish, if you ask me!
  30. CelticDude
    Barb, Thanks for the kind words. But, moi, devilish...?
  31. Eddie Sheehy
    Played on an Eastman 815MDA Mandola - I guess I'm playing it in G...

  32. Tavy
    It's taken me a while and it's a still a little "twee", but I do like this tune, loads of fun

    Anyway here we go, see what you think:

  33. Ptarmi
    Sorry, but my Sobell Mandolin just refuses to play this as a Hornpipe!

  34. Toycona
    Here's my take on this one...
  35. Mike O'Connell
    Mike O'Connell
    Almost 11 months late. At this rate Iíll be an old man before I catch up. Wait, Iím already an old man. Iíve listened to all the above players from Tom to Toycona and enjoyed and learned from each of them. Thank you for your contributions.

  36. Loretta Callahan
    Loretta Callahan
    That was reel great, Mike. Clean as a whistle, lively and smooth. I love the whistle part.
  37. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Mike that was great. Remember, you can contribute to these tunes whenever you want... there's no time limit! Just because there is a new tune every week, doesn't mean that you have to learn it in a week, or submit it that week! When you look at the table of contents, and see that there are over 100 'official tunes' and something like 400 'other tunes'... this is just a great resource for learning tunes!
  38. WillFly
    What a lovely set of versions of "Staten Island"! I'm going to throw this one into the mix... There's a great album by the wind players Hamish Moore and Dick Lee called "The Bees Knees". It's basically a set of folk tunes and original compositions for widely varying combinations of whistles, bagpipes, saxophones, etc. - with very different arrangements. They do a jazz version of "Staten Island" with two high whistles in D - and this is my interpretation of their style. It's called "Staten island Steps".

  39. Marcelyn
    That's a great sound for that tune, Will. Stellar playing and so fun to hear.
  40. Mike O'Connell
    Mike O'Connell
    Loretta, Barbara, Thanks for your good words. Will, Thanks for that lively arrangement - it surely put a smile on my face.
  41. Loretta Callahan
    Loretta Callahan
    You're welcome, Mike! Love the tenor guitar version of the tune. I like how the horn sneaks in and the melody variation, Will!
  42. jordandvm
    Doing some "catch-up" work here on some of the tunes. I'm kind of a "fiddle tune freak", meaning I really like to play this type of tune. The weekly "slow jam" we started in our home town was comprised of folks just learning to play their instruments and we would play mostly fiddle tunes slowly to start with. Now over a year later we've built up some speed and can almost keep up with folks at the Bluegrass jams here in the northwest.
    So here goes, played with my Collings MF5-V mandolin.

  43. Mike O'Connell
    Mike O'Connell
    Very impressive speed and playing Jim. Staten Island is one of my favorite tunes. I hope to get to that speed one day. Thanks for sharing.
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