Week #26 ~ Shady Grove

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    I'm going to be away from my computer, but this week's voting has been pretty much Shady Grove all the way!

    I searched for ABC and found many different variations.... maybe someone who is more familiar with this tune, can post some that go with the tune as it's mostly played!

    I did find some you tubes..... here's Jerry Garcia & David Grisman:

    So, are we gonna get some singers this go-round? To me, this tune needs more than a mando, and someone singing!
  2. OldSausage
    Or you could play it like this:

    or this:

  3. Doghearty
    This is an old, very old, tune. Probably from the 17th Century, popular in the British Isles as "Mattie Groves."

    There are hundreds of verses to Shady Grove and a bunch of recorded versions, including one by the Quicksilver Messenger Service.

  4. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    OS.... I'm sure YOU could play it like that, but I'm sure I can't!
  5. KyleBerry

    I found this one. Listen to the recordings, the slow version for me
  6. OldSausage
    Well, no, actually Barbara, I would play it like this It has some singing in there too since you asked. I couldn't manage to sync up the activities to the music, so you'll just have to imagine...

  7. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    OS... it's no surprise you were the first to submit! I really liked the 'off-ness' of the video... if I didn't know you were really the one playing all the parts we hear, I'd think you were some teenager attempting some 'air guitar/bass/banjo/mandolin' trying to be cool! I'm assuming that's you singing, as well? Great sound.... another tune that should be on your CD!
  8. Dukaine

    Found these on Home Alphabethical (www.ibiblio.org) Seems close.
    T:Shady Grove
    K:A Dorian
    E2|A2 AA A2 AA|BcBA G2 GE|A2 AA B2d2|e3 d e2 ee|
    g2 gg e2 ee|dB A2G2 GG|A2 BG d2B2|A3G A2||

  9. Dukaine
    Forgot to post the words.
    Same web site. These words are the same as Skaggs' version.

    Shady Grove, my little love, Shady Grove my darling
    Shady Grove, my little love, I'm going back to Harlan
    Shady Grove, my little love, Shady Grove I know
    Shady Grove, my little love, I'm bound for Shady Grove
    When I was a little boy, I wanted a Barlow knife
    Now I want little Shady Grove to say she'll be my wife
    Cut a banjo from a gourd, string it up with twine
    The only song that I can play is "Wish that gal was mine"
    Apples in the summer time, peaches in the fall
    If I can't have the girl I love, I don't want none at all
    I've got a big fine horse, and corn to feed him on
    All I need's little Shady Grove to feed him when I'm gone
  10. Dukaine
    One more - different key - same web site.

    T:Shady Grove [3]
    S:Henry Reed
    |e|d)def g2e2|abaf e2d2|edef g2e2|a3b a3(a|edef g3e|d2 BA G2A2|
    BABc d2B2|[A3A3]B A3:A|BABA G3B|d2 BA G3G|AABd d3e|
    [e3e3] (e|e2f2 gage|d2 BA G2A2|BABc d2B2|A3A A3:|

    I don't know why smiley faces appeared in the ABCs.
  11. OldSausage
    Hey Barbara, yes, that's me singing. Teenager, I like that
  12. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    dukaine, I'd venture a guess that the 'frown' appears because the ABC right there is a colon then a parentheses, which this board recognizes as a frown smiley
  13. Susanne
    Shady grove and Matty groves isn't always the same tune. I've only heard it once, sung by Fairport Convention, on the same melody as Shady Grove, but mostly not. There quite a few melodies of Matty Groves (lovely song, by the way, must record that one some day!). It has 22 verses. My friend Malena and I used to do it.
  14. Doghearty
    The tune (Matty Groves), as preserved by Childe, is remarkably similar. But we're talking ancient folk music here, so of course there are many variations. It's like trying to hold a wet wiggling fish. Try pinning down a tune (or even a title) to Gypsy Laddie, f'rinstance.
  15. Eddie Sheehy
    Not a lot to this - at least the way I play it. It's all in the lyrics.


    Anyway here's mine on the Richard Beard zouk - GDAD...

  16. KyleBerry
    Here is Roland White's arrangement of Shady Grove.

  17. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Very nice, both Eddie & Kyle!
  18. Mike Romkey
    Mike Romkey
  19. Susanne
    Kyle, that is great! How cool that someone picked the other version. This is the one that has a thousand titles, the more oldtimey thing. I play it a lot on the fiddle, but under name of Fly away, my pretty little miss. I heard some recording of this as Shady Grove, I think it was Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder. If I fail on the minor chords I'll do this one as well I plan do play music on Friday, when I've finished my home exam, hope to record something then.
  20. KyleBerry
    Great job Mike! I've been trying to do this also, but my cheap $10 microphone has the worst sound quality. I'll have to wait awhile to I can actually afford a good sound recorder, seeing that I am a broke college student.
  21. Chris Travers
    Chris Travers
    Here's mine.

  22. OldSausage
    Great picking and singing, Chris!
  23. Tom Tax
    Tom Tax
    I've always played Shady Grove as a clawhammer banjo tune. Unfortunately, my equipment choices are very limited so I first recorded the banjo using the computer's sound recorder feature and tried to play the mandolin along with that. I'm not too happy with the result but will leave well enough alone. The banjo is a Baldwin (Ode) resonator model and the mandolin is an Eastman 815.

  24. Dukaine
    Tom and Chris, Awesome. Chris you get the A+ for the lyrics.
  25. Susanne
    Finally Friday and I'm celebrating the finishing of my home exam (even if I think I sucked at it) by playing the mandolin. I've been looking forward to doing Shady Grove all week! I'm going to start learning to play chords and using mandolin backing other than chopping. I have lots of work to do! But this was soooo much fun!
    If you are here shortly after me and the video doesn't play, it's probably still processing. Wait a bit and it'll play later.

  26. Dukaine
    That was great. I think you've already got the cord thing down. I'm going to post later today but the version I've been working on must be a distant relative. I'm off this morning to the Classical Mandolin Society meeting in Dayton, Ohio, USA. If they let me I'll take some pix and post them to my profile.
  27. Susanne
    Cool, Dave, I'm looking forward to that!
  28. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Susi, that was great playing & singing, too! I notice you've got your mando capo'd.... I've never tried capoing a mando.... what does that change it to... AEBF#? Did it make the tune easier to play, or is that key you sing in?
  29. Susanne
    A minor was too low to sing in, and I suck at finding different chords in minor keys, so that's why I used the capo. I didn't even find the mando capo, so I used Daniel's guitar capo. It should be B minor with the capo. In the future I'll know the chords without it, I hope. Not in the midst of busy studies, though, so I'm thankful for a great invention such as the capo!
  30. Tom Tax
    Tom Tax
    A banjo capo fits a mandolin perfectly. I rarely use one to play, but find it is very useful when I restring the instrument. I attach the new string to the tailpiece and hold it down with the capo while as I attach it to the tuning peg and bring it up to pitch.
  31. Susanne
    Yeah, I have a few, but they are never there when I need them
  32. Dukaine
    Hey Barb,

    How did things turn out with your Texas flood?
  33. Dukaine
    Bumbling, stumbling . . . he could . . . go . . . all . . . the . . . way. This is nothing like what others have posted. I got a hold of one of the many varients I guess. So many versions, so little time.
  34. Dukaine
    I thought you guys might get kick out of this!
  35. Susanne
    Oh yes, oh yes, Dave, but it makes me miss my mtn dulcimer that is lying around somewhere in Västergötland at a friend's house
    Cool version of the tune you recorded, it reminds me of a song that Troublesome Creek String Band (SUPERB ot band!!) recorded, can't remember the title, something "Davy".
  36. Dukaine
    Well, if it wasn't "Davy" before it certain should be now. I love the sound of a mtn dulcimer. There's a Luthier in Berea, Kentucky who makes the most beautiful dulcimers. His playing rivals the beauty of his instruments. I think that's how he sells them. When you walk into his shop he's always playing. It looks so effortless he makes you believe you can do it too. Then, before you know it, you're walking out with one.
  37. Susanne
    The song is "Gyspy Davy". The words are very similar to the ones of "Matty Groves" that someone mentioned to be the same tune as Shady grove (which I've heard only once).
  38. Ken_P
    I couldn't come up with much for this week. I'm no singer, so that didn't leave me much to work with . It struck me how close this was to the beginning of the fast section of Chris Thile's Big Sam Thompson, so I figured I'd just do a medley instead.

  39. Susanne
    Ken: that rocks! Very nice listening!
  40. jamann
    Ken, I agree with Susi. That rocks! I really enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing!
  41. woodenfingers
    Here's a blast from the SAW past. I have been looking for tunes that I can sing at my jam sessions. They kept harrassing me to sing so I told them I'll sing enough that they'll start harrassing me to stop... I really enjoy Doc Martin's and the Garcia/Grisman versions so thought I'd give it a go. I play guitar, mandolin, and octave mandolin. I also played around with the reverb in audacity. I think I need to turn the reverb way up on my mic in the jam session...

  42. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    Bob, this is really good. It all works so well. Great vocals, lovely counter melody going on with the mandolin and octave. You must be really pleased with the result.
  43. Marcelyn
    I agree. Really nice playing and singing, Bob. Thanks for sharing that fun version and bringing this old tune back to the top of the pile.
  44. Mark Gunter
    Mark Gunter
    Just an FYI again, one of the reasons I bump some of these really old threads is because the Newbies Group is following our sequence in here for the Newbies Tune of the Month. Week 26 in here is month 26, June 2018 in there.

    Here is vocals-heavy version that follows Doc Watson's lyrics and chord progression. The video clips of dancers is from the 2018 Pagosa Folk & Bluegrass Festival. Mandolin with mandolin & vocals.

  45. Gelsenbury
    Well done, Mark! I like your voice, it has a lot of character. The mandolin chording is tastefully done, too.
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