Down Fall of Paris

  1. ChrisStewart
    ChrisStewart least that is how I know it

  2. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Very nice Chris! It looks like we're getting a start on the submissions of OTHER THAN the Tune of the Week tunes.... What is your mandolin?
  3. ChrisStewart
    It is a Tope

    I have had it for a few weeks now -it was made 2/08
  4. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    I looked up The Downfall of Paris on, and came up with this.

    It's apparently a set dance with 4 parts, each part repeated once. ChrisStewart is playing the A part of the tune as notated (or pretty close).

    I can envision a barn full of dancers with this one! Give it a try!

  5. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    I searched You Tube for this tune. Found this one set to the Dubliners doing the tune. It's pretty close to the notation I linked to in the previous post. They are doing each part once, then repeating the whole tune.

    It's nice and slow, so if you learn best by listening, this is a good video!
  6. ChrisStewart
    excellent, I didn't think about doing a search for it and I didn't know I was missing three other parts

    here is a youtube I found of it:

  7. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    I don't quite have this on my own, but I thought I'd experiment with videoing me playing along with the video that I'd linked to earlier.

    I'll keep working on it, and see if I can do one by myself.

    You'll notice that I'm submitting these videos even though they are less than perfect. Hopefully, it will give some of you 'newbies' the courage to video and post yours, without fear of looking less than professional!
  8. ChrisStewart
    wow you can pick up stuff fast.

    I agree, no need to be shy. I already have over a half dozen vids of my mediocre singing and playing and the police still haven't got me.
  9. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Okay, here's my version! A new look for me... just finished mowing the acreage out on the farm!

    Played on my Collings MT2 O
  10. Joe Nobiling
    Joe Nobiling
    That's an interesting version by The Dubliners. They don't repeat it like The Session has it laid out. That's what's interesting about making these tunes work for dances. A lot of tunes can be applied to almost any dance but knowing how many repeats are necessary for the dance to work is an art in itself or a complete and full knowledge of the dance(s) as well as the music. Not to mention being aware of the beginning and ending of a turn through a progressive dance. It can be really fun when the band and dancers end at the exact same time.
  11. Joe Nobiling
    Joe Nobiling
    Then if you look at Kevin Glackin and Paddy Malony playing it, they've got yet a bit of a different feel for the tune.
  12. Joe Nobiling
    Joe Nobiling
    The music for the hard sole step dancers is at an even slower tempo than The Dubliners. But they're also in competition in hard shoe hornpipe dancing.
  13. Joe Nobiling
    Joe Nobiling
    Cool following the stepdancers Downfall of Paris is Soldiers Joy!
  14. Joe Nobiling
    Joe Nobiling
    Well at least the first of the two tunes is Soldiers Joy.
  15. Joe Nobiling
    Joe Nobiling
    That Collings is a wonderful sounding instrument, Barb.
  16. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Joe, thanks! I've had it just about 2 1/2 months, and it sounds better every day!
  17. Joe Nobiling
    Joe Nobiling
    It'll get better as time goes on, too, I'll bet!
  18. Eddie Sheehy
    I am quite taken by this "symphony". I had to follow the tune in the music to try to keep from mixing the parts. I intend to learn this on the bouzouki intermimgling melody and double-stops.... but for now, here is my mandolin (maudlin) attempt...

  19. Eddie Sheehy
    The tempo reminds me of "The Right's of Man" another slow hornpipe that's a classic.
  20. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Eddie, I'm with you on this one! I can envision people dancing whenever I hear it! Good job!
  21. Tracy Ballinger
    Tracy Ballinger
  22. DavidHowell
    That mandolin tune book you got seems to have every song so far! I looked it up and it's like 5 dollars. Doesn't seem to be a bad buy.
  23. Tracy Ballinger
    Tracy Ballinger
    It's a great deal, but it's TINY! I don't know most of the songs in it and there's no accompanying CD, so I'm counting on the group to teach me what they're supposed to sound like.
  24. DavidHowell
    What's the binding of the book like?
  25. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
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