Week #93 ~ Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife

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  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's tune is an IT tune, Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife, Also known as Kiss The Crater, Kiss The Quaker's Wife, Merrily Danc'd The Quaker's Wife, Merrily Danced The Quaker's Wife, Merrily Danced The Quakers Wife, Merrily Kiss The Quaker, Merrily Kiss The Quaker's Wife, Merrily Kissed The Quaker's Daughter, Merrily Kissed The Quaker's Wife, Nine Inch Will Please A Lady, The Quaker's Wife, The Quaker.

    It is a slide, which is 12/8 time signature.

    Here is the tune on thesession.org Be sure to check out the alternate abc's and discussions.

    Here is the abc from thesession.org

    X: 1
    T: Merrily Kissed The Quaker
    M: 12/8
    L: 1/8
    R: slide
    K: Gmaj
    |:d|g2g a2a bag edB|g2g gab a2a agf|g2g f2f ege dBA|GAB AGF G3 G2:|

    Here is a link to the tune on abctunesearch
  2. mculliton123
  3. dcdan
    I have not done this since tune #11 or something like that....Life happens.....But if you give me a piece of music to site read I can take a shot. Of course I guess circumvents the whole point ...I didn't really learn the tune. was fun though, and I missed so many notes I almost wrote my own. Nice to participate again.;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYdDXB8ZSKI
  4. dcdan

    thats better
  5. Marcelyn
    Dan, nice work, especially for sight reading. I really hope you post again before another 82 weeks go by.

    I already knew this one, so here's a simple version with triplets (such as they are). Just before posting, I saw some great renditions in the older thread that I will definitely try to steal some parts from this week.

  6. jordandvm
    Good job everyone.....now for my attempt (only my 2nd vid here on the forums)......albeit with a few mistakes in part b.

    I think I need to slow down the pace a little (i'm a little nervous) and get it right. I'm playing my new Keith Newell A style mandolin just picked up last weekend.


  7. jordandvm
    Speaking of playing this tune, Dan you said you just sat down and site read the music notation. I'm jealous that you can so quickly make the music happen. I can't read music, and rely on tab to learn the tune. I don't read tab very quickly and it takes me several hours to learn a tune to the point I can consider posting on YT.

    Marcelyn, nice triplets......I wish I could do those. I'm afraid my hands are a too old to move that fast. Although I've only been playing for 3 years, maybe there is still hope! This tune is in the repertoire of the Celtic session I play with, but we never play it. Now I can break it out like I've known it all along!

  8. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    Dan - is that a National RM-1 that you're playing? If that's you just sight reading the tune then I can't wait to hear you once you've practiced it a few more times - well done!

    Marcelyn - nice one! And your Old Wave is sounding particularly fine on this as well!

    Jim - congrats on the Newell! The more videos you record the less nervous you'll be - when I first started recording vids I found that when watching them back I was actually playing much faster than I'd thought I had - nerves were making me fly thru the tune. So I'd consciously try to play the tune slow and then when I listened back it was actually at a decent pace and not too slow at all! Oh, and as regards triplets, to my mind playing s-l-o-w-l-y is key to really cracking them because then you can master the art of playing the triplets while still maintaining the pace of the tune. Once you can do that at a slow pace then it feels very natural to do it at increased speeds - that was the way I was taught and it's stood me in good stead!
  9. Brent Hutto
    Brent Hutto

    Some of us have the advantage of having learned to read notation as children. Like learning a foreign language, it's amazing how something like that can seem no big deal if you're doing it at Age 8 but for someone starting 40 years later it takes ten times the effort.

    One nice thing about these fiddle tunes in ITM, Old-Time or Celtic genres is that often the notes sit in familiar patterns within scales that we've seen many times before. So you can read them by sort of auto-piloting three or five or even more notes in a row then maybe one unusual note (that tends to be the part making the tune sound good) before another set of scale notes you already know. These patterns make it fun to read fiddle tunes.

    Once in a while you hit one where every stikin' note is something unexpected. Probably not an issue for Dan but for me those are the ones that make me look like I've never sight-read a piece of music before!
  10. Marcelyn
    Hey Jim, your Newell mandolin has such a nice sound to it. I forgot to mention it, but that's actually a flattop from Keith that I'm playing too. My family travels so much and I saw one of his for such a deal last summer, that I thought I'd get one to take around camping and things. The only trouble was, that when I got it, it happened to be one of the most beautiful mandolins I'd ever seen. I'll just be extra careful around the campfire I guess. I've played it at hoem a lot too though. It's as loud as any mandolin and has that sweet, resonant tone that flattops have. I bet you'll really like yours a lot, and hope you'll post with it often.

    Jill, I went back to a few of your clips to annalize the tripplet sound you get before I posted this one. I'm still not happy with the results yet. I hope you record this week's tune and show how it's really done.
  11. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin
    Nice playing everyone. Marcelyn your triplets sound fine to me.
    Here is my attempt on a Savannah.
  12. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    Good jobs here so far, I especially liked Marcelyn's homely house setting.
    Dan, could you let us have a full sight at that RM-1 next time?

    I re-recorded this for this week, in a set together with Cook in the Kitchen.

  13. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    Marcelyn - my powers of observation must be failing me, now that I look more closely I see that indeed you are NOT playing the Old Wave. Wow, that Newell flat top sounds the absolute business! Regarding the triplets I listened back closely to yours and one thing I noticed is that you are playing a note just before them so that my best attempt to replicate the sound in printed form is this: it sounds like "duh - duhduhduh", whereas I try to place them so that it sounds like "duhduhduh-duh" - I was at a tenor banjo workshop given by Kieran Hanrahan a few years back where he spent considerable time making sure we all stopped doing that note right beforehand - does that make any sense?
  14. Marcelyn
    Ah ha, I knew there was something extra in there, but couldn't quite figure out where it was. I'll have to get the mandolin out and try to analyze the duh duh dus at a slow pace. Thanks for the tip.
  15. dcdan
    Wow everyone sounds great and different. Jim, your mando sounds great and the wood looks awesome. Marcelyn your triplets opened the whole feel of this slide up for me..I even wore a celtic looking sweater this time. and Bertram what a haunting sound it almost sounds "bag-pipey" at times. I backed up so you could see the mando this time. It's a National rm-1 just got it and can't put the thing down.

  16. dcdan
    I guess it would help if I actually posted the video its coming I tried to post it directly from the computer , forgot to go to you tube first...I guess you should all have what I'm drinking
  17. dcdan
    here we go
  18. Toycona
    Bertram, that is a great pairing. Is there tablature for the second half?
  19. Ten_or_Fifths

    On a Big Muddy MW-0, hiding behind my fiddle.
    The room was apparently swaying when I recorded it,
    so maybe that's why I missed some notes.
  20. dcdan
    That was really neat what are you using to get that picture in picture so you can play and accompany yourself?
  21. Toycona
    Here's my effort. Apologies for the headless footage and the squeaking notes.
  22. Ten_or_Fifths
    Thanks DCDan. I'm using Garage Band to record the audio and iMovie to do the video capture and editing. I leave the video capture on while recording in loop mode. The key is to stop when you get a good take or it's maddening to find which video goes with the audio. Then it comes down to using the precision editor to get the audio synch.
  23. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    Toycona, all I have is ABC from thesession.org:

    X: 1
    T: Cook In The Kitchen, The
    M: 6/8
    L: 1/8
    R: jig
    K: Gmaj
    |: E | DGG GFG | =FDE ~F3 | DGG GFG | A2 d cAG |
    DGG GFG | =FDE F2 d | cAG FGA | BGG G2 :||
    |: A | ~B3 BAG | ~A3 AGF | ~G3 GFG | A2 d cAG |
    ~B3 BAG | ~A3 A2 d | cAG FGA | BGG G2 :||
    |: B | d2 e f2 g | a2 g fed | cAG FGA | B/c/dB cAG |
    d2 e f2 g | a2 g fed | cAG FGA | BGG G2 :||

    Maybe Mike can turn this into TAB?

    Dan, that's a nice RM-1 there. The body seems to have bevelled edges I haven't seen on older models - is that a new style of National's?
  24. dcdan
    Its a 2010 model....and I was in the right place at the right time and got it used. I was actually in the shop to have my gibson Jam master looked at and this was there. I played it ..and wow. it softened the blow of having the gibson need neck/fretboard work....It also softened my wallet, but it was a very good deal , and I could not let it pass me bye. I have a little bit of an instrument fetish...sort of a musical monkey on my back.
  25. dcdan
    Oh yeah and the reading thing is because my first instrument was violin when i was 6 they taught me to read notation. I have absolutely no clue what to do with TAB
  26. Marcelyn
    These are all great. Duncan and Dan, I'm working on a few of the variations from yours. I get in such a rut of only learning to play a song one way and then calling it quits.
  27. dcdan
    Marcelyn after your post I listened back to yours. mine was really based on the notation link that was posted with some embellishment choices as I went along.Yours to me had the feel of someone who knows and understands the song. Your phrasing seems more "Irish" or more authentic. Especially the last two or three bars.
  28. Ten_or_Fifths
    On the subject of Irish embellishments, L.E. Mcullough's "The Complete Irish Tin Whistle Tutor" has a short but detailed section "putting it all together" that takes the tunes Kerrigan's Jig and the Wicklow Hornpipe and walks through them with various ornamentation options. Some of it (breath control) is whistle specific, but most of the ornaments (grace notes, triplets) are similar on mandolin. I'm still working on playing the tunes normally, but I can't wait to change it up a little.
  29. Toycona
    Anyone, How does one turn ABC into tabs or into tabledit format?
  30. Bernd Bannach
    Bernd Bannach
    What a great tune and such a lot different interpretations by all players. My favourites are Marcelyn and David. Bertram as well but in my opinion you are bit to fast for that tune. Here is my try.
  31. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Here is my go. I found a six-part slide version on ABC tune finder, but didn't much like the final two parts, so here are four parts -- as fluent as I got them in an hour or so practice today. Nice tune, delicately poised between jig and slide character (the B part is very slide-y the rest less so).

    Played on my Ajr.

  32. Bernd Bannach
    Bernd Bannach
    And here is annother one on Weber Octar.
  33. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    Lots of great submissions everyone! I'm still trying to get the chance to sit down and learn this one - been doing a lot of busking this weekend so haven't gotten an opportunity (First weekend of February and the temps here in Oakland CA are in the 70's!!)
  34. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
  35. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    Good one Bernd, especially on that Octar.
    I am certainly playing fast compared to others here, but that is exactly the speed we play at our local sessions (central Ruhrgebiet, quite a few Irish immigrants, maybe that's why). And there is still one mandolin player who always gets raised eyebrows for playing way too fast for us. After a while, you lose the sense of your own speed - I am spoiled, I guess
  36. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Great versions all around, especially Marcelyn's and Bertram's (I'm always stunned by your dexterity on the long scale OM) -- showing that practice does make perfect seeing that both had the advantage of already knowing the tune before this week.

    I thought I should add the ABC for the variation I played (well, actually I played only the first of the additional three variations in that file -- I didn't much like the other two):

    X: 1
    T:Merrily Kissed The Quaker's Wife
    T:Nine Inch Will Please A Lady
    T:Quaker's Wife, The
    F:http://www.feardearg.com/sessionite/docs/sessionite.abc 2011-02-07 11:58:21 UT
    |:d|g2g a2a bag edB|g2g gab a2a agf|g2g f2f ege dBA|GAB AGF G3 G2:|
    W:Variation from turophile
    |:G2B ~d3 edB d2B|G2B d2B ~A3 AGE|~G2B ~d3 edB d2B|GAB ~D3 ~G3 G2D:|
    |:~G2B d2d edB ~g2e|dBA GBd ~e2f g2g|ged BAB d2B AGE|GAB DED ~G3 G2D:|

  37. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    Thanks Martin, it's not that long scale - just barely 21".
    The thing to get used to on this OM was the fretboard width.
  38. Bernd Bannach
    Bernd Bannach
    Bertram, I was born in the Ruhrgebiet, in Duisburg.
  39. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    Small world Bernd, I am in Bochum, attending sessions in Witten and Wuppertal. But I was not born here, immigrated 30 years ago from Bavaria for economic reasons.
    But I guess our American friends here will smile condescendingly at those small-scale moves
  40. Eddie Sheehy
    A move is a move Bertram. At least the language didn't change for you. Here in the US the language changes every 100 miles...
  41. Bernd Bannach
    Bernd Bannach
    Bertram, small world that's it. I moved for the same reason northward spent a couple of years in Oldenburg and then to Winsen near Hamburg.
    Eddie, this is a small country compared to USA or Canada, thank God we share thesame language.
  42. Ryan Zerby
    Ryan Zerby
    "GAB G2B c2A BGE" is picked DUD D-D D-D DUD by many of you, yes? Just making sure I understand the dud system of jig picking
  43. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Correct, Ryan. Or at least that's what I (try to) do.

  44. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Eddie, you are ALWAYS right when it comes to mandolins and IT tunes.
    BUT in Germany there are more 'accent/dialect zones' in a region spanning 250 km than there are in the US from 'shining sea to shining sea'.

    Nevertheless, I am sure I would be able to communicate with Bertram and Bernd.
    I wish you guys were a bit closer to my latitudes.

    Many nice efforts above.
    I just clocked Marcelyn and couldn't believe how fast she plays, because it sounds so relaxed. So I'll have to go back to the grindstone and practice some more before I post. DUD DUD DUD ...
  45. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    Here's my contribution to Tune #93. Played on the Paul Shippey Cherry.....

  46. Marcelyn
    Really nice, Tosh. Those Celtic tunes sound excellent on your Shipey mandolin. Also, I'm starting to think it would be possible to psychoanalyze your mood based on your signature closing chords.
  47. Eddie Sheehy
    Analyze This... played on my new Beard 21" scale Octave Mandolin tuned GGDDAAEE, couldn't resist banging a few chords at the end...

  48. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    No analyzing from my side.

    Great stuff, Tosh and Eddie
  49. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    Marcelyn, I see the men in white coats coming to the tune of Napoleon XIV's 'They're Coming To Take Me Away'............hahahaha.
    Thanks to you and Manfred for the kind comments. Eddie, Brilliant! I love that Beard, it's a beast!!!!
  50. Marcelyn
    Woah, Eddie, that was outstanding! As for your mood, it's pretty obvious you're still on cloud nine over the sound of your new Beard. That is one great instrument.

    And Tosh, since it'll be tricky to play mandolin in a straight jacket, I'll volunteer to take care of the Shipey while you're away.
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