Week #92 ~ Green Willis (The Raw Recruit)

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  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner is Green Willis, aka The Raw Recruit, which was submitted as an Old Time Tune.

    Here is a link to the notation and abc on abcnotation.com

    Here is the abc from that site:

    X: 92
    T: Green Willis
    O: trad USA
    M: C|
    Z: Transcribed by Mary Lou Knack, modified by John Chambers
    R: reel
    K: D
    |: (3ABc\
    | "D"d2dc d2fe | dAdA d2gf | "A"edcB ABcd | edcB A2 (3ABc |
    | "D"d2dc d2fe | dAdA d2gf | "A"edcB ABcA | "D"d6 :|
    |: fg \
    | "D"agfg agfe | d2de d2ef | "G"gfga bagf | "A"edcB A2fg |
    | "D"agfg agfe | d2z2 "G"g3f | "A"edcB ABcA | "D"d6 :|

    This is a fun and easy old time tune....
  2. harrywhohaa
    Seem's like I'm first up this week, I think I have the timezone thing working for me.

    That also means it's summer here (over 100f degrees tomorrow) so that's my excuse for bobbing around in my shorts....

  3. GKWilson
    Nice job Harry. I can't remember where my shorts are. Near single digits [f] here tonight, and snow tomorrow.
  4. tnt2002
    Very nice job.

    I know it's late on Friday night, and there has been malted beverages, but I could swear your playing has an Aussie accent.

    Can't wait to tackle this one.

    Hey, I wore shorts today too. But then I put on my jeans and Down Parka to drive home from the gym.

  5. mculliton123
  6. Marcelyn
    Really, really great rendition, Harry. That is the exact feel I'd like to hear when I play this one. Those double stops were excellent.

    Would you believe we're going to hit 60 degrees today in Tennessee? It's not shorts weather, but I'll take it!
  7. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    Lovely playing there Harry!
  8. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Here is my attempt. Not quite up to speed, but I've added a few double stops to liven things up.

    As it's an old-time tune, the most obviously suitable instrument I have is the Ajr:

    For the first time in at least four years, I have also got my bouzouki out today. I had just about forgotten that I own it at all: it's a 26" scale and fingering tunes in first position is such hard work that I usually go for my shorter scale waldzither or tenor guitar when I want to play in the lower register. However, when I played it today I found it rather easier than I remembered and I quite like the tone and playability of the instrument, even though my playing here is a lot more patchy than on the mando (I don't quite hit that high B on the 7th fret, for example). Not really an authentic Appalachian instrument, though...

  9. Jim Baker
    Jim Baker
    I like the sound of your bouzouki Martin. My son Kyle plays one the same scale length I think. He has become very adept at shifting hand position because those reaches are simply impossible any other way. You should play it more Martin.
    For me my 21" OM is about as long as I want to play. There are days when I can play it quite well, but I revert back to the mandolin for long periods when the O.M. just doesn't work well. (a design flaw perhaps)
  10. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Thanks, Jim. I like it too -- I'm sure that if I play it a bit more it will sound better, both because the instrument gets played in a bit more (I would guess its total lifetime playing time is still below ten hours) and because I get more comfortable around the fretboard. I had to keep my session today quite short as my fretting hand started to hurt. I'm not quite sure where I should pick, either: I normally pick my mandos over or near to the soundhole, and that is very resonant but a bit indistinct. It's more punchy picked closer to the bridge, but maybe a bit too metallic. Trial and error time, I think.

    The instrument isn't in the same class as the Ajr, though -- it's a simple and honest zouk, but pretty good for its money.

  11. Eddie Sheehy
    Very nice David - capo on 2 puts it in D.
  12. Eddie Sheehy
    Here's my attempt. It sounds better without the camera... Played on a Fylde Single Malt Mandolin...

  13. GKWilson
    A's, F's, Zouks, Mandola's, and single malt. "It don't get no better".
    Eddie. I know what you mean about the camera. Soon as I turn it on I seem to lose all ebb and flow.
    And, my place too.
  14. sgarrity
    Great playing Dave. I really love the tone of that oval hole mandola. It sounds so much bigger than it really is. I just worked it up in D on the 'dola. I'll get it recorded in the next day or so.

    Eddie, what a cool mandolin. I hope you had a dram of whisky after that tune! ;-)
  15. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    Great stuff everyone!
  16. Toycona
    Here's my attempt at "Green Willis" playing my brand new Manndolin, made by Jonathan Mann. Red Spruce top, curly maple back and sides. It sounds better every time I pick it up.
  17. GKWilson
    Nice job Toycona. Congrats on the new mando. I really like the style of his two point. Have fun and enjoy.
  18. harrywhohaa
    Toycona, that mandolin does indeed look and sound very good
  19. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    Really love the sound of that Mann-dolin, nice job on the tune as well!
  20. Toycona
    I'm very happy with it. Yesterday afternoon it hit me that it's the real deal. A couple of small cosmetic blems on the finish, but that's a part of what makes it NOT a mill instrument. I could have, and almost did pull the trigger on a sweet looking/sounding Breedlove, but the Manndolin was the right move. Jonathan Mann is a cool guy to work with a well. Very accommodating. I could see going to him again for another instrument in the future.
  21. Eddie Sheehy
    Here it is on my brand spanking new Richard Beard Octave Mandolin - 21" scale, tuned GGDDAAEE. That high B is a bit of a stretch...

  22. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    Wonderful stuff by all. Eddie that is some beast you've got!
  23. tnt2002
    Very nice versions everyone. I love seeing all the different mandolins/mandolas/bouzoukis, etc.

    Here's the song on a '15 Gibson A. Used my new Zoom H2 as a USB mic.

  24. jordandvm
    I'm new to this site and have been enjoying videos from all. So thought I'd see if I can join the on-going performances by posting my own from time to time. I would welcome critique on my technique and suggestions on how to improve my videos as well. Here's my take on Green Willis http://=DLF4u3WXkJg&feature=autoplay...x=1&playnext=1
  25. Ten_or_Fifths

    on Big Muddy MW-0 walnut/spruce mandolin
  26. Toycona
    Very cool Newell, Jordandvm!
  27. jordandvm
    About my sixth attempt at embedding the video from YouTube!
  28. jordandvm
    Help from those who know! Forgive me but I'm new to this group. I need help in How to embed video in "reply to discussion"?

    I created my video and posted to YT, then copied the embedded code and pasted in the icon "Tube", then clicked OK, then clicked "post message" and the embedded video is not there. Any suggestions?


  29. Ten_or_Fifths
    Hi Jordan, just paste in the characters after the = sign. I think this is your video:
  30. jordandvm
    Muchos gratias ten_or_Fifths!! Thanks for pointing out my mistake!

  31. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    A great array of vids and variations this week, fantastic stuff. My take on Green Willis played on the Paul Shippey Cherry for a change.....

  32. OldSausage
    Good job everyone. Hey look, I finally made another YouTube:

  33. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Great to see you back in action, David. Oh, how I have missed the OS sound.
  34. Toycona
    OS, Have you been on tour this entire time????
  35. Brent Hutto
    Brent Hutto
    Them's some mighty nimble Sausage fingers you got there.
  36. Eddie Sheehy
    Better than ever David
  37. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Good to have you back David, we've missed your playing. Excellent job on Green Willis.
  38. OldSausage
    Thanks folks, I've still been lurking here and greatly enjoying all your playing over the last few months. I hope I can get back to being a regular again for a while. Toycona, I wish I had - the only tour I've been on is a tour of my to-do list, although I've still been playing with a couple of bands and getting on the stage locally a few times each month.
  39. Marcelyn
    What a bunch of great renditions. Here's once through on a Gibson A.

    I learned my lesson, lag a day too long and you have to follow a post from Old Sausage. Wonderful playing, David.

  40. Eddie Sheehy
    Way to put pressure on OS, Marcy.
  41. OldSausage
    Indeed, really nice rhythmic and musical version.
  42. Brent Hutto
    Brent Hutto
    Sorry, Marcelyn. Would have replied sooner but I had to get up and do a little dance. Then I was tired.

    Nice one.
  43. Marcelyn
    Thanks, This was a fun one to learn. I'm still working on it in the lower octave.
  44. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    OS like Manfred it' great to see ya back, great playin' as usual. Marcelyn, you're the reference for the OT sound, you have it down to a T.
  45. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Many nice versions above. I have tried to play along with most of you - except for OS.
    Still haven't changed strings on my 815, so here is the oval hole again - without the OT feel, I know.

  46. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    Fantastic Manfred, very nice pace and cleanly played. Great stuff....
  47. Ryan Zerby
    Ryan Zerby

    I got the mandolin (Kentucky KM-172) last Friday and vowed to put up a video at the end of the week, with no apologies... The title of the tune is aptly ironic for a Raw Recruit like myself

    I decided to play the tune from memory, and at my speed I was trying to play it a bit hornpipish, rather than playing it straight.

    I'm having fun and my fingertips are SORE!
  48. GKWilson
    Welcome Ryan. Have fun with the new mando and keep playing. Soon your fingers will be callased and sore.
  49. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Welcome Ryan. Congrats on your determination and courage.
    I was a 'raw recruit' not so long ago and recommend that you try to avoid some left (thumb!!) and right hand issues from the beginning. Here are some tips from a grandmaster:
    Playing very slowly first and using a metronome most of the time is another great piece of advice, IMHO.
  50. Ryan Zerby
    Ryan Zerby
    Thanks for the advice, Manfred! I got Mike's DVD from Homespun to help me. I'm am open to friendly critique. I do find that my hands want to hold the mandolin like a little guitar: deep in the crook of my left hand, with my right pinky planted. Otherwise, it feels like I can't play the G string with my finger tips and I find my wrist bending to compensate (again, like a guitar). I'm used to a very light touch being better with instruments, but mandolin takes a bit more finger strength than I was expecting and I'm learning to relax while applying it. I get excited and find myself squeezing the neck and pushing it into my hand.

    I'm really trying to break the planted pinky. Playing eGeGeG is almost impossible with my pinky planted. I also don't really like resting my hand on the bridge as I tend to pick too far bridgeward and things get tinny.... or else I'm muting the strings with my hand when I'm playing at the base of the fretboard, where I like the sound better.
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