Week #63 ~ Diving Duck Blues (Blues)

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Sorry for the delay in announcing this week's results!

    Diving Duck Blues (Blues)

    Someone else will hopefully be able to give ya'll some idea of this tune... I googled it, and came up with these results...

    Gee, "Learn to Play Blues Mandolin" taught by Steve James has this tune one it.... and when I first got my mandolin, I bought this DVD... maybe I should dig it out and see what I can learn from it!

    Here are guitar tab with lyrics

    Here is a youtube video of Taj Mahal's version

    Hopefully, some of you blues players will thrill us with your versions!
  2. David Miller
    David Miller
    Also, check out the Punch Brothers version, which they call "If the Sea Was Whiskey". Killer vocal harmonies!

  3. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Well, that Punch Brothers video was awesome! How I wish I could sing!!!!!!!
  4. Eddie Sheehy
    Well I'd swim right to the bottom,
    And I'd drink my way back to the top...

  5. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Eddie, that was great! Is that one of your mandolas?
  6. Eddie Sheehy
    Yes, it's an Eastman 815 MDA.
  7. Jim Baker
    Jim Baker
    Brilliant Eddy! This is a side of you I haven't seen.
  8. Marcelyn
    Wow, Eddie, are you sure a mandola is supposed to play that way? You might have just voided your warranty.

  9. David Miller
    David Miller
    O.K., so I admit I got a bit carried away on this one. I started with the Taj Mahal version of the tune posted above, took its guitar riff, then added vocal harmonies ala the Punch Brothers version, and finally took this tune as a chance to use my Wendler Electrocoustic 10-string mando for a slide lead. The video fun comes courtesy of the fact that I just didn't think it was that interesting to watch me sing. The instrumentation includes Ashbory bass, Guit-olin, the Wendler custom, and drums courtesy of Apple Logic.

  10. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Great stuff, Eddie and David!
    The bar can't get raised a lot higher now.
  11. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    David, that was awesome! A while back, a member was wishing we'd have more videos with vocals... and you've tripled that, with vocal harmonies with yourself!! Great performances, great video production!
  12. Doghearty
    All de blues is de same. Same 'ol. Same 'ol, blues.
  13. Eddie Sheehy
    Epitaph for a Blues Man...

    "He Didn't Wake Up This Mornin' "
  14. OldSausage
    Oh, I thought you said "Diving Duck Bluegrass"

  15. jamann
    OS, I really enjoyed that. You never let us down. Another great one there. I'd like to learn your version.
  16. David Miller
    David Miller
    OS - that was thoroughly enjoyable! It is so much fun to hear the same tune being done in so many different styles. I think I am going to be working on your version of the tune as well.
  17. OldSausage
    Thanks Jamann and David - David I enjoyed your electric slide mando version too.
  18. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    You guys are wonderful, just wonderful.....brilliant stuff....
  19. CelticDude
    Very Nice, Eddie, David and David (and David and David...)
    Eddie - Nicely done. You realize that, as an Irishman, you have an unfair advantage drinking your way back up...

    OS: I'm sure they meant to say Diving Duck Bluegrass - great setting, as usual!

    David Miller - very nice playing and harmonizing. What are you using for video editing software to get the split screen effects?
  20. Eddie Sheehy
    Thanks Dana, I use whiskey to get the split-screen effect...
  21. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    So far we've heard from Blind Lemon Pledge, Blind Mississippi Driveway, and Blind Curve Ahead. Who'll be next?

    Great playing everyone! Especially loved the mandola versioin, Eddie err Blind Lemon Pledge.
  22. Loretta Callahan
    Loretta Callahan
    One of my old time favorites. What a diverse and great display of picking. Thanks for the foot tapping and smiles!
  23. GKWilson
    I figured this would take awhile to make my first post.
    So I decided to post here where I would be out of the way.
    Good thing I had all day. Thanks O.S. for your posting of shortening
    the Youtube embed. I was getting balder by the minute.
    I videoed this in my man cave. I didn't realize I'd lost my light.
    Next time I'll throw another log on the campfire.
  24. OldSausage
    An excellent example of mandoline noir.
  25. GKWilson
    Thanks O.S. I think I was drinking to much noir. That's why I didn't notice the light.
    Thanks again for your download lesson or I'd still be in the dark.
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