Week #53 ~ Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine

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  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Surprise! I'm having to announce this week's winner a day early~ Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine (aka Sherman's March). I'm not sure, but it seems that there may be more than one tune with this name.

    Here is the ABC from www.thesession.org

    X: 1
    T: Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine
    M: 4/4
    L: 1/8
    R: hornpipe
    K: Ador
    EG|A2 AB AGE2| cdec d2 eg|aged cded| cAGE G2 cB|
    A2 AB AGE2| cdec d2 eg|aged cAGE| A2 A2 A2:|
    eg|aged cdeg| agec d2 eg| aged cded|cAGE G2 EG|
    A2 AB AGEG|cdec d2 eg|aged cABG|A2 (3cBG A2:|

    Here is a link to another notation for this tune, with midi files

    And here is another.

  2. Tom Tax
    Tom Tax
    Before anyone starts practicing this, I have an issue. The ABC and the second tune you link in my experience are called "Bonaparte Crossing the Rocky Mountains". I have a TEF tab for Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine on my computer, but I don't remember where I originally got it. The Mandolin Picker's Fake Book has both tunes. I have several recording of "Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine" that are like the first linked tune, by Norman Blake, Slavek Hanzik, and the Pegram Jam. So, which tune is right? I've been playing the first link on guitar and banjo for a long time. Here's a banjo version.

    Here's a fiddle version of "Bonaparte Crossing the Rocky Mountains", something he, of course, never did. Is this an humorous American rebuttal to an older Irish Tune?
  3. sgarrity
    BONAPARTE CROSSING THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS. AKA and see “Battle of Waterloo,” “Bonaparte Crossing the Alps,” "Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine [2],” “Bonaparte’s March [3],” "Caledonia March." Old‑Time, Breakdown. A Aeolian (Am). Standard tuning. AABB. The title is perhaps comes from a garbled transmission of "Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine," or perhaps a deliberate Americanism. There's a story about this tune in Allen H. Eaton, Handicrafts of the Southern Highlands (1937, repr. Dover 1973). Tunes at a Knoxville fiddlers' convention included "Napolean Crossing the Rocky Mountains, which several contestants chose to render. This tune seemed to be a particular favorite and one which it was stated was local to that part of Tennessee. This, however, proved to be an error, for it was found to be also popular in parts of North Carolina and in Kentucky. Dean WIlliam Jesse Baird of Berea College heard it in Pine Mountain and tells this story about it: 'Uncle John' delighted in playing for visitors and sooner or later he would say, 'Now, I want to play you my favorite; I calls hit Napolean Crossing the Rocky Mountains.' One day a teacher at Pine Mountain said, 'Uncle John, you mean Napolean Crossing the Alps'. 'I don't know, maybe I do,' he replied. Sometime later he was playing for a visitor and at his usual point announced, 'Now I want to play you my favorite; I calls hit Napolean Crossing the Rockies. Some folks say Napolean never crossed the Rockies, that he crossed the Alps, but historians differ on that point'". Brody (Fiddler’s Fakebook), 1983; pg. 51. Kicking Mule 209, Bob Carlin‑ "Melodic Clawhammer Banjo."
  4. Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler
    Here's a mandolin version from cafe member Jonas
  5. OldSausage
    Here's mine, I did it yesterday so it was all ready to go:

  6. Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler
    Top notch, Sausage!
  7. mculliton123
    I can find NO historical evidence that Bonaparte ever crossed the Rockies. However, I managed to find an old photo of him at Vail, Colorado. So he may have been close enough to cross them. or not.

  8. Martin Whitehead
    Martin Whitehead
    Hmm. I didn't know they had Scotch tape in 1801. Nice try Mike. LOL!
  9. mculliton123
    Oh, Martin, I believe this is much later then 1801. I think it was during his so-called "exile" on St Helena probably circa 1819. that may account for the more modern restoration technique and the chair lifts.

  10. Eddie Sheehy
    No hand-inside-the-jacket... dead give-away...
  11. mculliton123
    Eddie, no need for pockets, he has Gloves now!! AND a toque too!

  12. mculliton123
    About this tune, I seem to be hearing 2 different versions. my MIDI player in TablEdit and Fiddle Guy seem to be playing in a somewhat sorrowful/minor key. But Banjo Man, Solas and David's version seems quite bright. Are the ABC's right? or is it just me. won't be offended if it is, just askin'.

  13. Eddie Sheehy
    A toque? He smokes joints?
  14. OldSausage
    Michael, the minor key version (Am) is "Bonaparte Crossing the Rockies". The major key version in D is "Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine". I know a version in Eb called "Bonaparte Crossing His Fingers", a slow version called "Bonaparte Crossing His Legs", and a fast version called "Bonaparte Crossing The Street". (&c. &c.)
  15. mculliton123
    Eddie, from Wiktionary:
    toque (plural toques)

    1.(Canadian) A knitted hat, usually conical but of varying shape, often woolen, and sometimes topped by a pom-pom or tassel.
  16. mculliton123
    OS, thanks for clearing that up. this had Michael Crossing His Eyes as the ABC's all look the same to me
    Nice playing, BTW, David.

  17. Eddie Sheehy
    Why did Napoleon Cross The Rhine?
  18. Marcelyn
    To conquer the other side.
  19. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    To get wine?

    OS, mighty fine. What a pretty tune.
  20. sgarrity
    Nice playing OS. This is a beautiful tune and one of the few I learned completely by ear at a local jam back in VA. They played it so much it finally stuck in my head. Looking forward to everyones take on it!
  21. mculliton123
    Why did Napoleon Cross The Rhine?

    um,,,, was there a Walmart on the other side?
  22. Tom Tax
    Tom Tax
    I haven't been playing this tune on mandolin much, but did get a chance to record a guitar and banjo version with the assistance of my bouncing grandson, Andrew, aged almost 6 months. Tom

    Ill try to post a mandolin version soon. Tom
  23. Rob Gerety
    Rob Gerety
    Wow! That is great stuff.
  24. OldSausage
    Superb Tom, I especially like the banjo version, I really want to learn to play clawhammer banjo. Your grandson obviously loves it too - and he looks just like you!
  25. luckylarue
    Beautiful tune. Tom, you've got yourself one happy camper there. Happy song, indeed!
  26. billkilpatrick
    that was great, tom - old-time country reel accompanied by go-go dancer.
  27. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    OS, excellent playing and sound !

    Tom, admire your great relaxed picking. (like the guitar better than the banjo, haven't even touched a b. in my entire life).
  28. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    Tom, that was great, and your wee grandson's rapt attention to it all was just the icing on the cake!
  29. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    Excellent, Tom.
    That child will grow up to be a fanatic for guitars and banjos without being able to explain why...
  30. Jim Baker
    Jim Baker
    Hey folks. I don't suppose anyone has a tef or abc file that is close to the version being played? It's easy to learn but I keep forgetting and have to come back to this thread to listen again. Thanks
  31. Marcelyn
    Thanks OS and Tom for posting early and giving us great examples to work from. Definitely keep the clawhammer clips coming.
  32. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Here's an abc that's closer to what is being played:

    T:Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine
    F2 G2| "D"A3B A2 F2 | A4 "A7"d2 e2 | "D"f3e "A7"f2 a2 |"D" d4 d2 c2 | "G"B3 c d2 B2|"D"A2 F2E2 D2 | "A7"(E8 | E4) F2 G2 |
    "D"A3B A2 F2 | A4 "A7"d2 e2 | "D"f3e f2 a2 | d4 d2 c2 |"G"B3 c d2 B2 | "A7"A2 F2 E2 F2 | "D"(D8 | D4) "A7"d2 e2 ||
    "D"f3 e "A"f2 g2|"D"a4 d2c2|"G"B3A "A7"B2 c2 |"D"d4 d2 c2 |"G"B3 c d2 B2 | "D"A2 F2 E2 D2 | "A7"(E8 | E4) F2 G2 |
    "D"A3B A2 F2 | A4 "A7"d2 e2 | "D"f3e f2 a2 |"Bm" d4 d2 c2 |"G"B3 c d2 B2 | "A7"A2 F2 E2 F2 | "D"(D8 | D8) |]
  33. Jim Baker
    Jim Baker
    Thanks David. That works. Tom sent me a tef file that is pretty close to this as well. Much appreciated.
  34. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    Tom, I love your clawhammer version and your guitar version.

    You're never supposed to follow kids or animals, according to RC Fields, but here's a version on mandola, capo 2 for maximizing open string goodness. Sounds like I need to raise the action after a harsh winter in New Mexico. And I hit the high note a little too hard. Oh well. I borrowed some of this from Skip Gorman's version on his "Mando in the Cow Camp" CD.

    Gilchrist H-1 mandola
  35. Eddie Sheehy
    If I were you I'd just give that ol' Dola to me, it'll make a nice wall hangin'...
    I like that open-string version Don.
  36. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    Very nice, David. That Newson has a wonderful voice.

    Eddie, I'll bring some toys for you to play with at Zoukfest, but you can't take any home.
  37. Eddie Sheehy
    Don, I can't make zoukfest this year. I can't get the time off work, a week is just too long... maybe next year...
  38. Eddie Sheehy
    Napoleon Crossing the Rhine in a Greek Bouzouki... GgDdAADD...

  39. Eddie Sheehy
    Q: What was the difference between Napoleon and Lord Nelson?

    A: Napoleon was Bonaparte and Nelson was......Blown apart....
  40. Doghearty
    Well here goes, kids. My first attempt with the technology.

  41. Jim Baker
    Jim Baker
    Nicely done.
  42. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Doghearty.... very nice first video! Tell us about your mando!
  43. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Dohearty, I agree with Barbara: very nice first video! Technology works fine, too.

    Very nice playing by everyone above, too. I didn't know the tune and I am still trying to figure out which version to play.

    By the way, I don't know about the Rockies, but I can testify that Napoleon crossed the Rhine. I live only 3 miles from 2 historic battle sites (Ulm campaign, Battle of Elchingen). He not only crossed the Rhine but also the Danube river and beat the Austrians badly.
  44. Doghearty
    My mandolin was made by Carlo Davide Catalfamo, of Albuquerque, New Mexico. I found it advertised on the Cafe Classifieds. I had been looking at a Weber Custom A, but didn't move fast enough. This is a handmade instrument with an ebony fretboard, spruce top, and maple sides & back. It needed a good setup and some serious fret-filing, but now it sounds and plays great. I love it!! I prefer the A oval mando. I also have a KM-172 and a Trinity College octave.

  45. Jim Baker
    Jim Baker
    Sweet! I love the figure in the maple.
  46. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    Eddie, great sound. If Bonaparte had some bouzoukis, history might have been different.

    Doghearty, nice playing. Glad you joined in the video fun.
  47. Doghearty
    This inspires me to write another tune:
    "Bonaparte Passing the Biscuits."

  48. Tom Tax
    Tom Tax
    Here's my mandolin version, without bouncing baby accompaniment. (I had to redownload due to technical problems) Tom
  49. BlueMt.
    Good job, everyone! I went for a more militaristic version but I'm afraid I might be drummed out for my clams.

  50. Martin Whitehead
    Martin Whitehead
    Nice triplets BlueMt. Clean pickin'.
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