Dusty Miller

  1. OldSausage
    It doesn't look like anyone has a version of this on here yet, so here's my first stab at it. I'll try to get this in better shape in 2010, but for now this is where I am. This is based on Monroe's version from the Homespun Tapes DVD, as well as on the various YouTubes you can find of Mike Compton playing this. Except, next to theirs, this is rather lowly of course.

    Here's a link to the Mandozine tabs for this (I looked at the Compton and Monroe versions).

    Here are the Mike Compton videos of Dusty Miller, all worth seeing:
    with John Hartford
    At Station Inn
  2. Tom Tax
    Tom Tax
    Great job, OS. Very impressive.
  3. OldSausage
    Thanks Tom! I'd love to see some other versions of this if anyone's got one.
  4. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Hey, OS, the fiddler's companion has quite a number of tunes called Dusty Miller, is your's any of them? I'm on a computer without the tef viewer installed, so can't read the mandozine files...
  5. OldSausage
    I think it's "Dusty Miller [2]" on the Fiddler's Companion page. They don't seem to have ABC for that. There is more than one tune with the same name, and some of them seem quite unrelated. The Fiddler's Fakebook has 3 versions, and in that version II B is the closest to this one, except the B part is different (different chords). My version, and the one Monroe plays on the Homespun Tapes DVD has AABBCC structure. Also note that on the version Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys recorded of this tune the B part is missed out and they just play AACC. A lot of other recorded versions miss out the B part too.
  6. Tom Tax
    Tom Tax
    If you are looking for other mandolin versions - here's Ronnie McCoury's version with the Del McCoury Bandhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nacFo...eature=related: Also, a mandolin contest performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdsXcT5QBUI

    In terms of recordings, other than Bill Monroe's version I only have a few, at least on my Itunes list. It's played on the Bluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza project. I also have an album with a group called The Little Grascals, with Mike Compton on mandolin, playing it.

    Here's a Joe Carr tab: http://www.mandolinsessions.com/?p=363

    I have 6 or 7 TablEdit versions on my computer, but I'm not sure where I got any of them at this point. I can send them to you if you want them.

  7. OldSausage
    Thanks Tom - really I meant I'd like to see other folks on here playing the versions they know But I hadn't seen that Ronnie McCoury YouTube, which is great.
  8. farmerjones
    That's great OSaus.
    We're just not syncing up. I been working on Frog on a Lilliepad, and Paddy on the Turnpike. Gimme a few weeks, but i've listened to DM for years and can't draw the distinction that seperates that tune from the chaff. Or, , i just don't hear it yet.
  9. OldSausage
    I look forward to it FJ - it's a tough one to get the right feel for, I'm going to be working on it for a while yet.
  10. Daci
    Excellent job on this!
  11. Ptarmi
    ... & now for something completely different!

    Yup, this is another Dusty Miller ... can you spot any differences?

    But seriously, this is a Hop Jig & is great for practicing Triplets on the open D String.

  12. JimRichter
    Continuing to add to threads with tunes I've already filmed.

    Dusty Miller on banjo, based on the playing of my friend Butch Robins.

  13. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Great job Old Sausage: It's always a challenge trying to figure out what Monroe played and how he did it.
    Ptarmi: what a nice tone that Sobell has...
  14. Eddie Sheehy
  15. Alex Orr
    Alex Orr
    The version on the first Alison Krauss album is smoking! Sam Bush handles the mando on it and tears it up and this was back in the day when Alison was still playing hot fiddle breaks. Well worth picking up.
  16. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    OS, seems like we were listening to the same versions of the Dusty Miller. Sounds really good.

    Here's what I came up with. Played on my one week old Kentucky KM900.

  17. OldSausage
    Yeah, really nice. It's high time I dusted this off again too. Awesome job, Don. Glad to see you've finally taken a dive downmarket for your latest mando - sounds pretty hot nonetheless!
  18. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    That's some great pickin' Don! Your new mandolin reminds me of my Kentucky KM600 (which is from 1984 and no longer offered) but yours has much nicer wood and prettier inlays. Judging from the music you produced on your video you've gotten hold of a great sounding one as well. Congrats!
  19. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    Thanks OS and Michael. This is a lifetime study tune that I'm finally getting, but don't have some of those rhythmic things you have going OS.

    I'm really impressed with the KM900 and I've always been impressed with your KM600, Michael. I think I'll keep it in GDGD tuning eventually. I think the Lloyd Loar A5 design looks cool too.
  20. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    So many mandolins... so little money!
  21. sgarrity
    Great versions everyone. Here's my go at it. Pardon the cell phone!!

  22. OldSausage
    Ow that's sweet! Nice one Shaun!
  23. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    Love the shuffle feel you get going. Great playing, Shaun!!
  24. jamann
    Don, Really great picking there! In your hands any mandolin would sound good but this one sounds like a keeper. Enjoy!
    Shaun, That was incredible! You've got this one down and putting a lot of feeling into it. Really enjoyable, thanks for that!
    I've been working on this tune off and on for a while and still don't have it down anywhere close to guys. I'm now inspired to work on it some more. Thanks!
  25. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Great versions everyone! Here's mine played on a Kentucky mandolin with backup from my Simon & Patrick guitar.

  26. Loretta Callahan
    Loretta Callahan
    No short of awesome, Shaun, Michael and Don! You all inspire me to listen to more BG. Lightning fast, and with such feeling from all of you. A lovely treat!
  27. Alex Orr
    Alex Orr
    Wanted to bump this one since I'm learning it right now from the Homespun Monroe DVD. Like all the tunes on the DVD, it's a chore in patience, slowed down video, and focused attention, since the tabs are wildly inaccurate. That said, the biggest issue I'm having is trying to understand the B part. Sam explains the A and C but completely ignores the B part, which IMO is actually the hardest part since (at least to my ears) the melody seems far weaker and as such, is hard to pick out. Granted, this is more of what I think of as a "lick based" tune in general, but I can at least whistle the A and C parts. That B part however just seems like noodly licks over the chord shapes for eight measures. Any advice?
  28. sgarrity
    You pretty much answered your own question Alex. It's all out of chord shapes. If I get time tonight I'll do a video of the tune slowed down so you can see and hear what's going on.
  29. Alex Orr
    Alex Orr
    Thanks Shaun. Actually, after working on it for about half an hour today, I came up with some variations that I think I can use and that sound about right. It was actually your video that seemed to give me the best sense of what I should be aiming for in terms of the basic feel of that section. You've really got a great feel for Monroe style playing!
  30. Alex Orr
    Alex Orr
    Finally getting around to posting this - it's basically the Sam Bush solo from Homespun's Monroe DVD with a B section I cobbled together myself, with heavy indebtedness to Don's version a few posts back.

  31. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    Nice job Alex!
  32. sgarrity
    Gettin' it down Alex! Good job. You're pulling some nice tone out of that mando too. What is it?
  33. Alex Orr
    Alex Orr
    Thanks Shaun! I'm playing an early Brentrup F5, actually the third mandolin Hans turned out. While I'd love to take all the credit, the truth of the matter is that Hans made it pretty easy to get good tone out of this thing
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