"The Collings" inlay

  1. mritter
    What do you folks think of the headstock inlay shown in the pic at the top of the Collings Social Group page?

    I think "The Collings" is cool. Neat option. Only seen it in a couple of places. There's a MF5V at Smokey Mountain Guitars with it.

  2. clem
    For me...uh...The No!!
  3. mandopete
    Yeah, I think this is in line with "The Gibson" and "The Flatiron" (I have one of those). The inlay is nice, but I feel like that sme pattern has been done. I kinda like the fact that Collings doesn't use the old Gibson flowerpot. I think they could have been a tad bit more creative on the the MF-5V IMHO.
  4. Ken_P
    I've never liked "the ...." on a headstock. Just plain Collings is good enough for me. I'm also a big fan of the simple inlay on my MT2. It's an elegant touch, without being gaudy.
  5. mandomania7923
    I really like "the collings" it would be a good conversation piece at jams
  6. Russ Partain
    Russ Partain
    I also have a Fern inlay Stan Miller. I am a huge fan of the Crisp thin Fern that Collings got perfect. I see so many sloppy, fat, oversied Fern inlays. This one is dead on gorgeous.

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