Added a pick-guard?

  1. Paul Statman
    Paul Statman
    Has anyone else added a pick-guard to theirs? I know that the VD model (ooh - unfortunate abbreviation) comes with one fitted as standard, but not so for the others. I sent mine back to Collings to retrofit one, only because they insisted on it, declining to sell me the pick-guard without installing it themselves.
  2. Mike Bunting
    I haven't used a finger rest in years, my Givens didn't come with one either. I don't post and have never really marked up the top in that area. I wear the finish at the edge where my arm rests and on the neck (I prefer to remove the finish on the neck the old fashioned way by daily playing ).
  3. mritter
    I recently bought MF5 #72 and it didn't have a pickguard (see photo in group). I took it into to Collings....I live a mile from them....and had one put on. $150 and two days to get it done.
  4. mritter
    I should say, I don't plant a finger on my right hand. Also, I don't drive it so hard that I hit the top with the pick.

    I just like the look with the guard on.
  5. Paul Statman
    Paul Statman
    I don't 'post' either, except for some cross-picking patterns. For me it's mostly for lightly dragging the fingertips. It's a long way (for short fingers) to reach the top, and I find it helps keep my hand up in the right position.
  6. fredfrank
    I think all the varnish models come with the finger rest. My MT2V has one.
  7. Paul Statman
    Paul Statman
    Yep. Only their varnish models come with the bound ebony pick-guard as standard equipment. I think they look better with it, too!
  8. Dan Margolis
    Dan Margolis
    My MT-1 is in the shop getting a new pickguard right now. It had to go in for a finish repair on the neck, so I decided to do the pickguard at the same time. I was starting to chew up the finish near the treble f-hole. Since I can't afford a new instrument from Collings, this way I get to give them a few bucks.
  9. Russ Partain
    Russ Partain
    I have ordered a MF Honey Tortise, I am getting an unbound ebony pickguard. It is an available
  10. Dan Margolis
    Dan Margolis
    A few weeks ago I received my MT-1 back from Collings with its new pickguard and refinished neck. The ivoroid-bound 'guard looks great, and it feels better to me when I pick.
  11. lovethemf5s
    I got my 2003 MF5 back from Collings a couple of weeks ago. They installed a pickguard and Waverly tuners. Both look and work great.
  12. Dan Margolis
    Dan Margolis
    I've had my pickguard on my MT-1 for several months now. No regrets. I find that I'm more comfortable with a 'guard, and it looks great--love the binding. Dan
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