So - where are you?

  1. Wesley
    Currently I'm living in Ft Worth Texas but we'll be moving to Cumming GA - just north of Atlanta - in another month or so. So where's everyone else?
  2. OldSausage
    Hey Wesley, I'm in Decatur.
  3. mdithk
    Hi Wesley,

    I'm in Acworth, right on the cusp of Kennesaw, northwest of Atlanta. When are you moving to Cumming?

  4. Wesley
    We should be there by the end of October. So I may be out of touch for awhile until I can get my account here set up again.

    I'm glad to see some replies. I was begining to thing I was moving to a "mandolin free zone".
  5. mdithk
    We don't seem to be a very "chatty" group, do we? I didn't get any response to my flood message either.

  6. Wesley
    Meredith - Wasn't most of the flooding south and west of Atlanta? I'm still trying to get my bearings. I know the Roswell and Cumming areas a bit but I've got a ways to go before I know the area.

    But I CAN find Maple Street Guitars in Atlanta. I'm sure there are other good stores but that's the only one I've found so far.
  7. OldSausage
    Wesley, I'm sorry to tell you that you have found the only good music store in Atlanta. Unless someone knows different (he added hopefully)?
  8. mdithk
    I bought my Eastman at Maple Street because they were the only shop I could find in the area that sold them and some of the better makes. I think that also sells some of the name brands, but mandolins seem to be a side market for them.

    I do take lessons at Ponier Music...stores in Marietta and Kennesaw, but they have mostly low end stock in mandolins. Guitars are more their forte. I like my instructor. His main instrument is banjo, but he also plays/teaches mandolin and guitar. Used to teach fiddle too, but he said it was too hard trying to keep in practice so he gave that up.

  9. GoVols
    Newnan, GA here. Hometown of Alan Jackson (although I'm not really a fan). I'm fairly new at playing the mandolin, but since I started (a few months ago), I can't seem to put the thing down!

    At any rate, thanks for setting up this group. Looking forward to future 'exchanges' with the you guys/gals.

  10. wglide
    Hey Ya'll,
    I'm in Augusta and we're trying to get some stuff going over here. I just found this group so sorry that I'm late. If you're around next weekend , we're having Missy Raines and the New Hip over in a pretty intimate setting on Oct. 10 down on our Savannah River from 7:30-10:00. Free. I know that there are alot more pickers in the Atlanta area but don't know how active they are. John J
  11. Bob Knysz
    Bob Knysz
    Hi All
    Bob Knysz here from the Atlanta Mandolin Society
    Mandolin music is definitely happening in the Atlanta area.
    Check out our website:
    If you're interested in checking out a rehearsal let me know.

    Maple Street Guitars in Buckhead is the place that I have found for local quality mandolins and great folks.

    If you are into bluegrass check out:
    For Irish sessions check out:
  12. Doghearty
    Glad to have found y'all. The internet is wonderful. I'm in Summerville.....actually out in the sticks between Summerville and Rome. I'm slowly learning some of the old tunes. I have an Eastman 604, and a Trinity College octave.

    David B.
  13. Jeff Wheelock
    Jeff Wheelock
    Howdy folks,

    I'm in Kennesaw. I guess I would be called an "intermediate" mando picker. Not really a bluegrasser but enjoy and appreciate it. I learned mandolin from the Norman Blake mando instruction video. My gear is really above my head, but hey, I don't have boats, guns, or other hobbies.

    Bob, I attended a workshop you gave at a SEBA event years ago. My recollection was you had a Loar. Still the case?
  14. Bob Knysz
    Bob Knysz
    Yes Feb 18, 1924 two numbers from John Reichman's
  15. Bob Knysz
    Bob Knysz
    Jeff - Do you read music? If so you ought to check out the Atlanta Mandolin Orchestra.
  16. Jeff Wheelock
    Jeff Wheelock
    Bob, Don't read music very well. Another thing on my "to do" list when I retire.
  17. Kshot
    Hey folks, I'm up around Cumming and almost play the fiddle and mando.. Keith
  18. Trey Young
    Trey Young
    Hey everybody, don't know how I haven't seen this group until now. I live in Carrollton (West GA) and travel to the big ATL most days of the week for work. I've been playing the mandolin (and taking it somewhat seriously) for about two years now. I have a standing gig most Thurs. nights in C'ton with my brother-in-law, who is an excellant guitarist and singer. Any way that's a bit about me, again glad to run into all of you guys.
  19. PeteinGA
    Hey Wesley,

    I live in Cumming. Give me a shout if you need any help getting around, finding things etc.

  20. Wesley
    I need plenty of help. None of the roads here seem to run in a straight line. Not that I'm complaining - I love it here. We're staying with my sister and brother in law until we get a house built. But right now we're pretty close to the Mellow Mushroom and the Humpus Bumpus book store just off exit 14. My days are mostly free since I'll be a stay at home dad but most evenings I'll be with my 8 year old.

    Each time I venture out I learn a little more. But I can find Maple Street Guitars and The Saunee Mountain Music store. I've sent off to AAA for maps. I'll figure it out eventually.

    Are you playing somewhere in the near future?
  21. Southern Strings
    Southern Strings
    Hello Everyone, I'm in southwest Georgia not far from Albany. I've played guitar for many years and decided to try to learn the mandolin recently. Glad to find you all on here, we "Rebels" gotta stick together.

  22. Bob Knysz
    Bob Knysz
    Hi Mike
    Bob Knysz from the Atlanta Mandolin Society here.
    Welcome to Georgia. I came from the guitar side myself.
    I've enjoyed the mandolin for 30 years now.
    Enjoy, have fun and give it time.
    The mandolin is so logical.
    Bob Knysz
  23. Southern Strings
    Southern Strings
    Thanks for the welcome Bob, nice to meet ya Bro! Wow, you've been playing the mandolin for 30 years! I just got my first mando back in August and learning the scales and new fingering positions on it. I hope the "logic" you describe hits me real soon. I don't know of another mandolin player from my area, in fact the music stores around here don't even have a teacher for it. So I'll just get more books and vidieo lessons and play on. Take Care, Mike
  24. Bob Knysz
    Bob Knysz
    If you ever make it to Atlanta on a Monday night, feel free to stop by and give Atlanta Mandolins a listen.
  25. mandodan1960
    Wesley, Welcome to Georgia have you found Everetts Music barn yet. Every Sat night and really close by in Suwanee,Ga
    January 2 2010 is the "Grascals" for $15.00 bucks "can't beat that"
    Its a quick ride from Cumming (Ga 20 (east) to Suwanee Dam Rd (south/east) Just past Peachtree industrial look for Stonecypher Road on your right 1/2 mile in look for Bluegrass Trail and the small house and small "Barn-ish" structure. That's it. Welcome to Georgia !!!
  26. Wesley
    Thanks for the tip. There was an article about the barn in the AJC awhile back. I'll get over there sometime soon.
  27. turpintony
    Demorest Ga. Nestled in the Northeast Ga. mountains
  28. roscoestring
    I have played for a few years but haven't gotten serious until recently. I prefer electrics. I just built my first (and sold it) and am working on two more. Thought I'd find a place to talk to other mandopickers. I'm in Dixie, Georgia which is close enough to Florida that they can hear me when I play. Don't know my way around the forums yet. This is my first post. Say howdy!
  29. Willie Dutchman
    Willie Dutchman
    I'm in Ellijay, tooled around on the mandolin for a long time (a guitar player)of late I've been woodsheddin' hard. Just traded for a 20s Gib a2.
  30. Jim Mullins
    Jim Mullins
    I live in Cherry Log, between Ellijay and Blue Ridge
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