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  1. Sam Bush Fan!
    Sam Bush Fan!
    This Is For All You Who Have Wanting to Let Them All Out.
  2. 300win
    Been an admirer of Sam Bush many years. First seen him in Berryville, Virgina in 1971. Out of all the great known mandolin players that have been heard over the years to me and my ear Sam is the most inovative player there is. In my opinion he is a musical genuis much like Bach, Beethoven,etc. I have tried many years to listen and pick up on what he does on a mandolin, I've gotten some of it, bust most of it is beyond my understanding. It is difficult to begin to study his playing sometimes because of the stuff he does I get caught up into just listening and enjoying it. Being limited on my budget as far as getting a Sam Bush model Gibson, I got the Gibson F-5 Jam-Master, has the wider fretboard, and neck shape is the same as the Bush model, and it is a fantastic mandolin. One of the best Bluegrass/Newgrass recordings that have been is the first Newgrass Revival record. I still enjoy it as much as the first time I heard it, just to listen to a younger Sam and his mandolin playing back then. He has changed some, but can still bring those scale riffs anytime. Yep, Sam is the Man !
  3. woodwizard
    He's one of my mandolin Gods that's for sure !!!! I told him one time that I needed a mandolin god to bless my mandolin and he said ... "Whip that baby out !" and then he began to pick the dog $%#@ out of it to the amazement of all standing by. After that he gave me his pick. I feel it has enough mojo in it now to last me a life time.
  4. justkaron
    Love me some Sam Bush! Wish he'd come back to the Cincinnati area again....and soon! Saw him live in an artist and lecture series at a local university this past November. Great show!
  5. justkaron
    Well...don't see a new post someone must have just joined the group! Don't be shy...tell us about seeing Sam in concert or at a festival! Or your favorite Sam tune!

    I REALLY, REALLY love New Grass Revival and will post a few of their videos here in a while.
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