Local Luthiers

  1. Chad Stein
    Chad Stein
    Hey guys I have a '27 Gibson A-1 that needs a re-fret and crack repair. I'm hoping to use someone I can drive it to as opposed to shipping it cross country. Suggestions?
  2. Mandoviol
    You know, that's something I'd like to know, too....do you suppose Potter's or Laschoff would do a mando?
  3. John in MD
    John in MD
    I have been taking my mandolins to Marc Glickman for the past few years. He has worked on an F-2, an A, and an A-jr for me, and I have been very pleased with his work. A few of my friends have also taken old Gibsons to him for repair and been pleased with the work. He is in Frederick, MD, but plays frequently for dances at Glen Echo. I have his contact information, if you are interested.
  4. Chad Stein
    Chad Stein
    Hey John thanks for the reply. I shipped the A1 out to big Joe last week, so I won't be getting it done locally. I would still like his contact info though in case I need anything additional done in the future.

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