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  1. Mark Richardson
    Mark Richardson
    Would someone please compile a short list of Bach played on mandolin by classically trained musicians. All I have in my collection are hit or miss things by Chris Thile, Mike Marshall and some cross over stuff, not necessarily Bach but classical music with Sam Bush with the Short Trip Home project with my home boy, Joshua Bell (Bloomington, Indiana). I would like to add some classical music played on mandolin and guitar to my CD collection. I will appreciate all recommendations, even non-Bach pieces.

    Old folky, trying to expand his horizons.
  2. mildini mandolini
    mildini mandolini

    I think the Modern Mandolin Quartet has some Bach on their recordings

    for great classical mandolin get the CD's of Carlo Aonzo, although I don't think he has any Bach on his recordings

    for the bach sonatas on mandolin look at this link
    I have not listened to it though

    hope that helps

  3. dj coffey
    dj coffey
    Duetto Giocondo had done the French Suite #3 on their Baroque Music for Mandolin and Lute. The French Suites are for piano, but this one sounds very nice. Not sure if Katerina Lichtenberg is playing this one on a baroque mandolin or a more modern one...I can play the Allemande on a modern mandolin.
  4. hhold
    Shmuel Elbaz from Israel has recorded the violin sonatas and partitas with his Kerman. Worth getting.
    Also the 1st cello suite on the Kerman quartet album.

    Other Israeli classical mandolinists include Jacob Reuven, Alon Sariel (those two have just recorded an album together which includes I think Bach pieces), Avi Avital, Tom Cohen. All very talented
    Dorina Frati (mandolin) & piera Dadoma (guitar) have recorded a Bach album. Good as well.
    Well established classical mandolin players include Alisson Stephens, Marylinn Mair, Carlos Aonzo and many more. Check on Youtube to see them perform.
  5. Paul Lucas
    Paul Lucas
    The following mandolin oriented CDs have Bach selections (and other classical music) recorded on them. You may be able to download some cuts individually from iTunes or Amazon. Several mandolin orchestras and ensembles not listed below have record Bach music including Butch Baldassari's Nashville Mandolin Ensemble

    Butch Baldassari
    - Cantabile (all classical music arranged for mandolin and guitar) - Ariso, Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring

    Modern Mandolin Quartet (MMQ have three CDs with a wide variety of classical music. I've only mentioned the two with Bach selections)
    - Modern Mandolin Quartet - Concert in D Minor for Two Violins
    - Intermezzo - G Minor Gigue

    John McGann
    - John McGann Plays Bach, Debussy, Rodrigo - Prelude/Allemande from Partita #1 in B-flat, Goldberg Variation #21, Goldberg Variation #26, Gigue, from Lute Suite #1, Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, from Cantata #147 (JS Bach)
  6. fluxman
    I guess I could add my album "Bach on Mandolin" to this list haha.

    Check it out at
  7. sbarnes
    i checked out your page....EXCELLENT....
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