O.M.A.S. attack… Octave Mandolin?

  1. NDO
    Julie is very patient with me. I told her I wanted to buy another musical instrument. Then I told her don’t worry, it’s not ANOTHER mandolin. She said what is it, a tuba? No, it’s an octave mandolin which is like a mandolin only bigger, like a little guitar. She just laughed and said okay
  2. Sue Rieter
    Sue Rieter
    Your wife sounds like a wonderful woman

    You are now caught up with me on numbers. Though, while I have an Octofone, (which is tuned like an octave mandolin except with G and D string pairs tuned an octave apart), you don't have a banjo mandolin
  3. HonketyHank
    Tuba makes sense, too. Great for klezmer. If you've got the embouchure, I'd say go for it! See https://www.mandolincafe.com/te/tabl...-Gm-Peters.tef .
  4. HonketyHank
    I do have a bm (banjo-mandolin), and hey, I'm glad I do, Sue! Indispensable holiday noisemaker.
  5. Sue Rieter
    Sue Rieter
    Ha ha, the only song I currently play on the Banjo Mandolin is "In Heaven There Is No Beer"
  6. NDO
    Hahaha well it arrived a day early and I couldn’t help but let it sing!
    Now just imagine what it will sound like when I actually learn to play it!
    (The playlist link has a few more songs than the embedded video)


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