Telluride........that's the way it was

  1. pmadison
    I was born in Telluride around 60 years before. The town today is not the mining town it was then. The only event (annual) was the 4th of July which included a small parade (small because there were only 1,500 people in the county), mining contest (drilling, traming ore cars, etc.) and the national guard would shoot down a snow bank that remained on a hill, followed with fireworks and a dance.

    The dance. Musicians didn't come in from all parts scattered. The musicians were local folks that usually played most of the dances in the adjacent towns and counties. They were just miners, farmers and ranchers that played a musical instrument. Nothing special, that's just the way is was. My mother and I played at the different churches on Sundays, she played piano and I played the accordion.

    I am glad the current event lives on, but I miss the natural 'that's the way it was'.
  2. Mike Romkey
    Mike Romkey
    Interesting. I've done a little reading on the town's history. It was a wild place at one time.
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