Northern Departure!

  1. tango_grass
    Hello All,

    I've got a new project making headwaves across the Puget Sound region and beyond! The groups name is: Northern Departure.

    The band in comprised of members: Derek Gray - Bass/Vox. Austin McGregor - Banjo/Vox. Nick Dumas - Mandolin/Fiddle/L Vox. Chris Luquette - Guitar/Mandolin/Vox

    You can find Northern Departure on Facebook, MySpace: WWW.MYSPACE.COM/NORTHERNDEPARTURE

    Here is a recent video of a newly arranged A Capella song, sung in the basement of the green room at Enumclaw's Bluegrass festival. But first: For Booking information, please contact:
  2. banjoboy
    Pretty good...yeah, you guys should give up playing bluegrass and start entering....Barbershop Quartet singing contests...yeah, that's it.....then the rest of us mortals won't have to worry about following one of your sets at one of the local festivals!
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