New Collings MT

  1. Terry W. Harvey
    Terry W. Harvey
    Howdy folks,
    Just joined this fine group, have recently purchased a new MT ivoroid bound
    1 3/16' nut w/ pickguard. Love the wider neck, easier to play than my previous A style mando, i always felt like my fingers were squeezin' to get in position. And it is loud - great balanced projection.
    Got it from Gryphon Stringed Instruments (free plug there), those guys were awesome from the "get go". I played all the different A-styles there and settled on this one. The MT2's they had were prettier and well appointed but didn't sound as good as this one - so i saved some dough there!! That's why if you are able play 'em all - do it and do it again. Have someone else play them so you can be discerning, its not all about the gold tuners and inlays or the vintage vibe.
  2. F-2 Dave
    F-2 Dave
    Welcome Terry. I love my MT too. I won't say that mine was the best sounding mando in the store but it sure was tough on some F models that cost thousands more. Mine is honey amber with tortise binding. I think it's beautiful. I'd like to try the wider nut sometime. Maybe next time.
  3. Dan Margolis
    Dan Margolis
    Love that honey amber.
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