MT2 Sound Profile Then/Now

  1. SWS
    Way back in ‘04, I traded in my MT2-R #129, for a Blonde MT2 #540. The difference in sound was subtle, but it was there. Since this was 17 years ago I don’t remember the exact sound of good ‘ol 129, but I do remember when I did a side-by-side comparison, 540 had a slightly different neck profile and was a little bit louder and the A and E courses rang a bit brighter.

    I have read rave reviews from a few Collings fanatics about the new mandolins being produced by Collings. I know there are a few of you out there that have had several different Collings mandolins over the years and have new ones now. It is my interpretation that the new MT2s are better than ever.

    Anyone care to comment on how the new MT2 differs in comparison to the older ones? Do any of you have a new one and wish you kept an older one?


  2. Lane Pryce
    Lane Pryce
    Here’s an MT2R. What’s to not like about this tone? Butta.

    I believe the AD Red topped MT2’s are a lil brighter, punchier, edgier in a pleasing to the ear way. Although an MT2 with an engleman top is hard to beat in any scenario.
  3. SWS
    Yeah, I like the sound of that one a lot. It made me wonder, how old 129 sounds today.

    It must be the MAS bug kicking in, I see so many different options for the MT2s these days. Maybe I read it here, maybe I imagined it, but it was suggested that the new mandolins have changes in the carve of the wood and/or voicing.

  4. Lane Pryce
    Lane Pryce
    With improvement come changes. I'm sure over the years the builders at Collings have altered their graduations on the mandolin sound boards. I'm not a builder however its reasonable to think different tone woods behave differently and require different graduations to achieve optimal tonal characteristics.
    Just my 2 cents but Collings should bring back the redwood top.
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