Crabs in the Skillet

  1. Jairo Ramos Parra
    Jairo Ramos Parra
    It's with an arrangement and backing track by Jay Buckey. According to his score, it is a 'Creepy' Irish Jig.

  2. Frithjof
    Nice jig playing, Jairo. And without any of your beloved tremolo.
  3. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Jairo, it is so different listening to your playing of this jig. You have brought the tempo away down and it makes for very interesting listening. I loved the syncopated phrasing in the B part too.
  4. Michael Romkey
    Michael Romkey
    I like it! It is a creepy jig. : ) Nice job recording and mixing.
  5. Michael Romkey
    Michael Romkey
    I couldn't resist taking a run at a "creepy" jig in Gm. I realized while editing the video that I completely blew through the quarter rests in the third section. Argh! Tempted to redo but no. Onward.

  6. Frithjof
    I still like the warm tone Jairo produced on his mandolin.

    Mike, you certainly sizzle the crabs in a hotter pan. I can’t find problems with your rhythm. Most of the settings at The Session don’t show rests at all.
  7. Michael Romkey
    Michael Romkey
    Then never mind! Quarter note rests? We don't need no steeeenking quarter note rests!
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