A Starry Night for a Ramble

  1. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Traditional English tune for a change, with a lovely title.

  2. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Thanks, Simon -- sounds lovely on the OM! I also recorded this jig early in lockdown last year, as a set with "Roaring Jelly" on solo tenor guitar:


    When I looked it up at the time, the sources said it was an American tune -- of course, a lot of tunes have crossed the Atlantic over the centuries.

  3. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Super wee tune, Simon, and interesting stereo effect when you introduce the second instrument in unison.
    Martin, the two tunes make a fine set.
  4. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Thanks Martin and nice one yours too!
    Thanks to you too John, yes I wanted to get that feeling when you look up at the stars and there are so many that everything seems to resonate.
  5. Gelsenbury
    Nice tune, well played! I don't know what its origin is, but I think I've heard it in English sessions.
  6. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Thanks Dennis, and yay! (let’s hear more of your oboe-like instrument!)

    I found the tune printed out as ‘English Trad, Randy Miller and Jack Perron’
    The tune looks like it was more widespread in New England when it was published there.
    There’s the book http://jayandmolly.com/store/books/#NewEngland
    New England Fiddler’s Repertoire by Randy Miller and Jack Perron.
    To my ears with the upward movements it sounds like an old Morris tune, but maybe not.
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