On the build list for nov 2022!

  1. mjbee
    Hi all, Put down my deposit with Oliver for the last spot on his waiting list: November 2022. I'm interested in one of his "Club" models, as I've been working mightily to build up my jazz mando chops. Would appreciate any advice about what options might be worth considering: wider nut, woods choices, tuners etc. Michael B
  2. bradeasley
    Howdy, Michael! I just now saw your post here. Congrats on getting on the list, I think it's well worth the wait! Oliver is just starting my build now, a Rosine LS. Oliver's standard nut width is 29mm, which to me is perfect at just a hair over the standard 1 1/8". I wouldn't change it unless you know you prefer a wider nut from experience. Oliver is easy to work with on wood choices and can likely make some good suggestions based on all the jazz models he's already made and your tonal preferences. He uses Schaller Grand Tune tuners as standard equipment, and from my experience with them they're probably the best mando tuners on the market. Every bit as good or better than Waverly's in gear ratio, smoothness, and tuning stability. I'm sticking with them for my build, but I did request the galalith buttons instead of pearl or ebony because I like the ivoroid look. Hang in there, your build time will come around before you know it!
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